Overall Show Production

Week 1

So far as a group we have assigned roles and have decided on our genre and different contributors.

I feel we have made good progress and everyone is settled on their roles and with knowing what they need to do.

The role I am doing is News. I am excited to be working alongside Bethany for this. News I a aspect of radio I love doing so am excited to do this in an ‘on live’ atmosphere.

At the moment we don’t have much to do as the news team, however Bethany and I have been concentrating on creating the social media for the team.

Attached are the minutes from our first meeting and what we decided to do as a team.



Week 2


This week we met as a team and discussed further what we had discussed on our facebook group chat.

The news team- Bethany and Me, discussed our news format, what we’re going to cover story genre wise, music beds, indents and roles.

We had a meeting with editor Puluma to discuss our ideas and we have decided that I shall present and produce stories, and Bethany will help more with doing wraps and voice pieces for the bulletin. We have decided the bulletin will include 2 minutes news and then a combintion of a minute of weather/London travel.

I’m glad we met with the editor to discuss what we will be doing. Our news bulletin will go out twice, at 11am TOH and 12pm TOH.

A productive production meeting as a team.


Week 3

This week we discussed the running order and show clock in more depth, while getting them as close to what we’d like them to be.

We also listened to the adverts, the advertising team had been working on. We did this when we had a team meeting with Matthew. We had two team meetings with him and also just a team meeting.

We have agreed to meet on Monday to have a pre-pilot run through. This should give us an idea of what went well and what can be improved before the pilot and then before the real show.


Pilot Show

This week was pilot week. Time to see individual and group work come together. I was producing stories alongside my editor and then presenting live 3 minute bulltines with our news imaging and bed. It was exciting but nerve wrecking at the same time. The first 2 bulletins at 11am and 12pm went better than the 3rd, I felt. I got the advice that I needed to loosen up and just relax as the read went well. We also got told to change up all of our bulletins and to make them more Radio 1 News Beat style. Initially we sourced from BBC and Burli, but did the real thing I shall definitely turn my news story research this way.

I’m going to take this advice on board for the real thing in the coming week to assure that our bulletin can go as well as it can for the real show.



So it was time for the real show. Bethany and I were prepared to act on our feedback from last week and make it more newsbeat style. It was hard as there wasn’t many good news stories, but we tried our hardest.

I felt it didn’t go nearly as well as the pilot which I’m gutted about but this can’t be helped as when you’re ‘live’ things are bound to go wrong!

The first bulletin had technical problems and I couldn’t hear anything but myself so it was tricky. The second was probably the best but it slightly under- ran, and the third over-ran.


I both wrote and sourced stories and audio for the news and also was the news reader.


I’m just glad it’s over!

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