Dad can you hear me?(Real life experience of a relationship between a mother,                                                                                         daughter and father)


Based on the assignment brief for this task “, I concluded on creating an authentic project which is inspired by a real-life story. The title of my project is “Dad hope you hear me”? This is because my audio will highlight an experience of a girl called love aged 18 who was abandoned by her father at a young age. It emphasise her past experiences and how she felt when she use to be shown a fatherly love and the future which is growing up without a father. This young girl’s parents once lived happily together however that changed.  This 18-year-old also speaks of how she had coped together with her mum and how they both feel. My audio project will be a form of message to this girl’s father.

I will be using a lot of emotional songs, mostly through instrumentals. There will be a lot of background interactions and audio drama, I believe this will engage the audience and build up their emotions as they listen to my project. This is because my idea is a sensitive topic of real-life experiences. I feel like a lot of people can relate to the story.

The feedback I got for this 15 minutes audio project was to build another story of similar angle around my idea. I was specifically told to try and get the dad of this girl’s opinion or side of the story and why he avoided his responsibilities. I was also giving a suggestion of interviewing the mum. However, I would rather let the daughter and mum engage in a conversation. This is because I do not want my audio project to come across as a documentary. I want my audio to be classified under a podcast audio or drama.

The final feedback was to get another family who had lost their father and merge the two stories to create a much more detailed story-line. This audio overall is very intense and I am thinking of using a lot of different locations. This  is because the story is mainly based on the memories of a child as she develops into the adult stage of a young girl whose dad abandoned at a young age.

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