Cue: Community is a word that we hear all the time, but we don’t always know exactly what it means. In this documentary, Charity Bloxham explores how being part of a strong community can help people to overcome even the most horrific tragedies, and the good that can come out of them.

In: “The 23rd June 2017 seemed like an ordinary Friday night to the people of Aldridge Village … ”

Out “… how significant each and every one of them are to each other.”

Dur: 10’00”

This digital story explores how Aldridge was affected by the murder of James Brindley, and how having a strong community around them has helped James’ parents (Beverly and Mark) continue to good in the world in James’ name. I begin by saying a little about the night that James was killed, and then we hear his parents talk about what their son was like as a little boy, and what kind of a man he became.

After this, we learn to who’s and how’s of James’ death, followed by Bev and Mark explaining just how the community have helped them. I spoke to some people who live in Aldridge to get their view of the community, and we hear from three of those people. I also spoke to Minister Beverly Boden, of Aldridge Methodist Church as she has a different perspective of the village, not living there but holding an important place in the community.

The final piece of contributor audio is of Mark talking about the James Brindley Full Circle Programme, and the piece ends with me wrapping up exactly what Bev and Mark had been feeling from the community for the past 17 Months.

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