Cue: Would you ever talk about your sex toys with your Nan? No… okay she might have a heart attack but, I bet your grandparents had liberated sex lives during the 60’s! These days the  majority of millennials speak openly about sex toys with friends, and this programme looks to see if the feminist movement has helped women to break the traditional taboo and stigma of sex toys.

In: “This programme contains…”

Out: “… the orgasm”

Dur: 9’59”


The programme starts with a short introduction of where i end up at the end of my sex toy and feminist journey (lovehoney in Bath). But i jump back to my introduction and play a snipped of the Lovehoney advert, that really inspired this piece.

I first spoke to Venus O’hara who is a professional sex toy tester and currently lives in spain, and produces a range of written and videoed reviews from home. I also spoke to a anonymous sex blogger and writer, who goes by the name of ‘The Girl on the net’, who also added some great points feminism. She suggested that i visited Sh! In Hoxton square as, it was the first ever sex shop opened by ladies for ladies. So i contacted the managing director and founder, Ky Hoyle, who spoke to me about a lot of misconceptions women have to face when it comes to sex toys. Finally the programme jumps to the end and shows me visiting the Lovehoney HQ in Bath. I spoke to Sammi Cole and Jessica Wilde, who both work and present on the company’s Youtube channel.

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