Week 1

After we found out what groups we were in, we instantly got together and went through the production roles. We came to find out that there was a lot of people who liked similar jobs so we all decided to write down all the roles and we can vote for only two of the roles, then agree on what role we liked the most and worked around it. I chose to do presenting or social media, I wanted to challenge myself to be someone who’s confident as I’m always in the background especially with being the new girl no one really knows how I am or work on a radio station so I chose to be one of the presenters.

I noticed that the presenters don’t really have anything to do until the day of the assessment, but I don’t want to just sit and watch everyone do what they have to do for their role I do want to help, however my confident always knocks me back a little, it doesn’t help that know one really knows me but within this project I hope everyone does get to know me.

After our first meeting we had a second meeting that no one really turned up to, we had discussed about what the presenters could do which is help with the music and also the advertising side of the project. We finished the meeting quite quickly and decided that the presenters needed to build a relationship with each other especially so it’s not awkward on the day. I’m happy we did that, I did come out of my shell a little bit but because when I speak on radio I feel like I can talk to anyone but I do wish I had sat in front of the desk to control what was going on, I know that’s something to bring up next time we meet. We talked about how I work as a presenter, if I read from a script, which I don’t because I will sound like I’m reading from a script and wont show my personality, however if I do need to then I will.

Week 2

This week we did a run through of the OB, in the beginning there was a few technical difficulties with getting interaction from the studios, however we did end up having a successful OB run through. I discussed with the editor if I need anything on the day of the assessment and agreed with him and the producer that it would be helpful to have a written contents page for the two hours of the show.

Week 3

After having a meeting with the course leader we realised that there’s a few things that are not finalised, we got on with what we had to do. I researched some possible ideas for the links, just so Joe and myself know what to talk about when it comes to the assessment day. We also needed to come up with a feature that’s more fun so I thought of ways we can include the station them to the features like a competition for the listeners to win tickets to a Britpop festival. I came up with the idea of having the audience guess the missing lyrics from a well-known Britpop song.

Later on in the week we’re going to change the format of the radio show, as it’s become clearer during rehearsing that the style of radio we’re trying to achieve suits only one presenter. I completely agree and as Joe has better knowledge of the genre of music it’s best he does the presenting. So my role is to present the news and also assisting the producer.

Week 4

This week it was the pilot show, I was quite nervous as preparing the news was done in a different way, using the software called Burli so that was all new to me, however working with Minnie helped me briefly understand it. We prepared the news an hour or so before the pilot show started so it would be pre-recorded. As I hadn’t really read through the script and practiced, so when it came to pre-recording I wasn’t confident and kept jumbling words up. So we decided to do the news live. 10 minutes before going live the studio I was in had some technical difficulties and so I quickly had to move to the main studio just minutes before going live. I was very panicked, unrehearsed and uncomfortable which in my opinion was shown through the way I spoke and so it didn’t go as plan. When it came to the second news bulletin Minnie took over with doing the news, which I was fine with but I wasn’t told that she was doing the rest of bulletins.

Week 5

This week we had the actual show, a day before the show I was told that our producer will not be there due to personal reasons and I was asked if would be happy to take over his place as the producer. I agreed to be the producer then on the day the original producer had come in for the show which none of us had expected, so my role went back to being assistant producer.

As our show is more focused on the male audience I wanted to make it more gender neutral. So I decided to write up and research up the few female bands that we were playing and other female bands and get information about them and there songs to help the presenter have more content and information on the bands. When it came to doing our live show the contents sheets that I had provided the presenter with during the weeks came to use, which I was pleased about.

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