Thursday 20th October

This was the day we found out our groups we would be working in for this project! Once finding out we immediately got to work: first we decided on the genre we would like to do. It came down to two but after discussion we decided to challenge ourselves and chose Gospel. We then decided to choose roles as it pretty much was a full group so only Matt was missing but he was happy with the role that was left which was brilliant! At first this proved rather tricky as many people wanted to do the same role, however we worked it out and everyone is now happy with what they have got and are going to help each other as a team. I am part of the Advertisements and Branding duo.

Once roles were decided we set up a group conversation on ‘Trello” this means that we can constantly keep in contact with each other and see how we are all getting on when not having a physical meeting. Using Trello also means that Editor James can make sure we are all up to date with creation and if we have any ideas we can just pop them into the relevant boxes to help one another out.

After this initial first meeting we then went off and all listened to Gospel Radio, the play listing team immediately began to compile a rough A,B,C and Gold list. Myself and team mate Afia began noting down the kind of Advert that a Gospel station airs and the style of Branding which we would have to create.


Monday 24th October

This was our second meeting as a whole group. This was a really helpful meeting as we began by sharing what we had found out about Gospel music and the station which we will be creating a show for – Gospel Premier – which is online and on DAB. With this we were able to share ideas with each other about what we think the show should consist of and possible OB performers already. This meeting was more to get a feel for the show we would be creating so there was a lot of discussing and deciding. From this meeting we decided each different department should come back to the next meeting having fulfilled their given tasks, to get the ball rolling. Ads and Branding were given the task to come back with ideas for 15+ ads and to speak to promotions and OB about branding they would like us to include.


Thursday 10th November,

This was our third proper meeting with the whole group. We began by sitting with our small teams and discussing what we had found and created, after this we came together as a full team to share what we had done and gave each other help and ideas. We then moved onto play listing. We had a play listing meeting as we were all still struggling to get the same feel for the type of show we were creating, so to make sure we were all on the same wavelength James (the editor) suggest we all had the play list meeting together to listen to what the music team had compiled. This took much longer than anticipated but we were successful in finally creating the required playlists for the show. There were a few disagreements within the meeting, but this was bound to happen and it was more important to have the correct songs to fit the style of show which all worked out in the end. Myself and Afia managed to script two-three rough ads and showed James which he was pleased about.

For the next meet up my and Afia are to have scripted 5+ adverts and 3+ scripted ideas for branding.


Monday 14th November

This meeting was rather small as not many people could make it in, however this wasn’t a problem as I managed to get all my questions answered and targets for the next meeting set. In this meeting I shared with the group the Ads that I had scripted and asked Editor James if I could ass a few more people to the Advertising team as it was beginning to become a struggle and creative juices were not flowing as much as before. So Curtis (Presenter), Molly (Presenter), and Fay (OB Presenter) became a part of my team and I assigned them 3 ads each to have scripted by Thursday morning so we could then move on to producing and editing.


Thursday 17th November

Today was our forth proper meeting, we began by splitting into our teams and discussing what we had produced. I met with the ads team and we read through each of our scripts, tightened them up until we were happy with the sound of the ad, then we began casting. This didn’t take too long as between the group we had a lot of people which would have fit each role really well, it was just decided which to drop and which to use. But once we overcome this hurdle we immediately began recording.

After recording all the ads with all the people that we could get in for this day, we listened back and chose the takes we preferred and tidied up the clips. We then began finding sound effects and music beds to accompany.


Friday 18th November

Today I decided to come and work on the project individually, I brought Fay along with me as she is also helping out on ads, we managed to complete 7 adverts in total, with another having been recorded in the evening.


Thursday 24th November

We met as a group at 10am for an hour to discuss what we had been doing over the following week. Myself and Fay had now completed 10 ads with others still to be recorded. Once we had an hour to ourselves we had a group meeting with Matthew to let him know how we were getting on. After this we had an ads meeting. It went well, we left the meeting with good criticisms; re voice ads, re write a few ads and complete the rest. Immediately we began to search for professional voice overs who would actually suit the ads well. We knew that we would have to re voice the majority of the ads but showed the ones we had as a template idea. We have managed to book people that same day to come in throughout the next week and record before the pilot show.


Monday 28th November

Today we had a group meeting at 12.30 to see how far everything had come, once we had done this and established that each team was doing quite well, James decided we were to have a pilot of our own before the pilot we would be doing on Thursday. This was to find out any technical difficulties we may face and prepare ourselves to overcome them and to also see if the show clock worked and everything ran to time. Doing this pilot also meant that presenters Molly and Curtis had the chance to create their connection and become comfortable as presenters with each other so that the should would flow and sound enjoyable. On this day i continued to re-voice and edit adverts and they were almost all up to scratch. For the rest of the week i would continue to work on adverts.


Thursday 1st December

Pilot day. Today we had our pilot show. Both Matthew and Tom listened/watched how we worked at a team. The show went really went, everything was near enough to time and the chemistry between Molly and Curtis was great. After this we listened to the feedback, which was very positive! Which was fab. Each element of the show had something to work on so after this meeting we sat together as a group and spoke about what we would work on before the next meeting on Monday. The adverts weren’t too bad. I need to add a few lines to already made ads and create a few more new ads.


Thursday 8th December – LIVE SHOW

Today was the live show day, prior to the show i created the ad breaks for the four 2 minute 30 second slots we created on the show. I tried to make sure that the ads ran one after the other smoothly and there were no charity ads next to ads that were selling food/products. Before the show began i finished off all the ad briefs so we all were aware why we made the ads. The show began and it all went quite smooth until our OB performer decided to drop out one hour before they were meant to perform. This cause brief panic, but the team kept it together and the show continued while Matt and Fay ran around finding a cover, which they managed to do pretty quick! so once this was all sorted, scripts were changed we then needed to find an audience to watch the performance. Myself and Afia went down to the forum and collected a few people to bring up to the studio. So in the end this all went well. However this did mean we had to fill a bit of time near the end of the show as our new performer didn’t manage to run to time. But Curtis and Molly worked a way out to do this and we managed to end the show on time. On the day i was a bit of a back up, i sat in the studio keeping an eye on social media if Tommy needed to help with production and hen when the OB incident happened gave them as much help as i could.

Overall i have really enjoyed this project, working with a team of people i’ve never worked with before which was great, it also made me realise how much i am actually capable doing myself and i did really enjoy creating all the adverts, no matter how stressful it was at times.



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