Slug: Underground employee int.

Cue: Sometimes travelling on the underground can be stressful and probably best to avoid during peak times. But what is life like on the other side, during the unsociable hours and rushing customers? On a busy day as trains fluster by, Sara Hebil-Motie talks to station supervisor Lisa, from Northwick Park station, who describes what employment is like with London’s underground.

In: “Managing the station, making sure…”

Out: “… And that’s the end of it.”

Dur:  3’27”

Back Anno: Station Supervisor, Lisa, talking to Sara Hebil-Motie



Slug:  Youth discuss issues with their home town.

Cue: Two young men, have a discussion about how gangs in their hometown can have an impact on the younger generation as well as give their opinion on their hometown.

In: “Ok, Basildon, you know when…”

Out: ” I’ll have to agree with that *one second of laughter*

Dur: 2’30”

Back Anno: That was Kamal and Alan having a conversation about their birth towns.


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