Sensitive topics on television.

It is known that younger people are most prone to get affected and targeted by sensitive topic in todays generation. Soaps nowadays are broadcasting a lot of sensitive storylines that affect people all across the world. Co

ronation Street is one of most watched soaps in the country and their audience is between 15-20 years olds. Recently they have put into action a storyline about Child Grooming which involves a 16 year getting sexually involved with a 42 years old. There has been a lot of complaints about the scenes that have been aired on television, as people described them to be disgusting and it made them feel uncomfortable.

Listen to my package where I interview a psychotherapist who deals with people who come to her about sensitive topics everyday and go around London to ask the general public on whether they think sensitive topics should be aired on the television, and how would they portray it if they had to broadcast it.

Use the hashtag sensitivetopicsontele on social media, to give your own personal views and opinions on this topic.

Visit these links to find out more :

– Complaints that have been made

– Childline

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Coronation street is one of the most watched soaps in the country, which gets around 12million views per episode. Most of their audiences are between 15-20 year olds which is the most impressionable age group who are most prone to sensitive topics.

At the beginning of February, a storyline on the soap came out which included a 16-year-old getting sexually involved with a man who is 42 years old. When the scenes were aired, coronation street received a lot of complaints. Shammy Dowlut investigates whether people were right to make complaints, and whether sensitive topics should be broadcasted on television.
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OUT :… childline on 08001111.”

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