Shammy Dowlut

Production Week 1:

In the first week of production, we were each allocated roles of what we had to do to make the show work. We chose our own roles as we all know what we would be most comfortable doing and what is our strong attributes and role. We also chose a genre for our show and at first we decided on “Soft Urban” but it was proving to be quite a hassle when it comes to searching for artists and it was too narrow and specific, so we decided to stick to just “Urban” as there was more variety and broad in terms of artists and music. We are still debating on whether to add ‘Trap’ music or not, but most likely will as it counts under the Urban genre Category. Our show is going to be at 2-4pm and we decided to name it “The After Breakfast Show” as we wanted to add a bit of humour and be realistic that that’s the time our audience will wake up.

For our next meeting, each of us is gonna work on your roles, and start researching and plan what needs to be planned.

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