God Save the Queen


Despite the overwhelmingly positive feedback from the mainstream media, my curiosity drives me on a journey to find out how people really feel about the queen Eliazabeth the second, as well as the idea of monarchy.


“The climax of the ceremony…


… that’s like the bubble that they live in.”




My initial inspiration of this project can be retrospected to years ago, when I was watching TV and heard people’s overwhelming jubilation of Prince William’s marriage. For me, I feel like in our modern society, even though everybody is aware of the unjustness of “fate” as different family background indeed makes huge influence on one’s personal achievement, nobody would publicly advocate it. Since it heavily diminishes the importance of personal endeavor, people choose either pretend they don’t believe it, or really find an excuse to convince themselves.  However, the appearance of the royal family is like a slap on the face to the commons. They are the exact opposite of what schools have told us. How could British deal with that?

Luckily, I managed to speak with Professor Philip Murphy, Miss Keyser from the republic, and dozens of kind and warmhearted people from all around the world, and tried to understand British monarchy through different perspectives. The result is thought-provoking.




Shawn S.X. ZOU


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