The Pitch:

Understanding and working with debt

Delivery date: 11th December 2018

Duration: 14’00”

Presenter: Ed Bowsher

Producer: Stuart Armour

Short synopsis:

The average UK household debt is £58,776. More and more people are struggling to pay their bills or debts on time. This feature will give the listeners the information needed to get the right advice and help if they are struggling with their finances.

Long synopsis:

Do the people of the United Kingdom understand the implications of being in debt? This feature investigates by talking to the people of the United Kingdom asking them certain financial jargon words and if they understand what they mean.

With the help of a case study of someone who experienced a financial struggle, this feature will give listeners the advice that is needed about who they can contact about their financial struggle.

The feature speaks to a debt charity about how they can help and give advice to someone who is experiencing financial difficulty.  The feature also bust’s the myth’s about debt collection company and show that times have changed, that debt collections companies will look to accommodate and help someone in financial difficulty although their main job is to collect on the debt that is owed.

To help understand why people may get into debt the feature speaks to a personal financial analyst and gives an insight to the retail world with store cards, sales and the way technology has advanced which makes it easier for consumers to spend money.

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Understanding and working with debt / feature:

11.12.17 Stuart Armour

More and more people in the United Kingdom are struggling to pay their bills, but what are the implications if you do not keep up to date with the repayments of a debt and where can you get advice if you are struggling with your finances. Ed Bowsher starts by asking the members of the public what is debt.

IN: “Owing somebody something…”
Out: “…This is Share Radio (Jingle)”
DUR: 14’00”

Back: That was Ed Bowsher giving you the advice on where to get help if you are struggling with your finances.



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Struggling with your finances and need some help and advice? Have a listen to our feature presented by @Edbowsher

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