EDITING WEEKS (13/03/21 – 25/03/21) 

Editing week was a very anticipated week as all of our hard work was finally coming to life. We submitted our Audio Drama this week and could not have asked for a better  team to have done this project with.

Earlier, I had a meeting with Sahara and Poala to finalise some takes and sounds. When we started Sahara had a list which she had created so it was very easy for to navigate that meeting as we knew exactly what to fix or listen again. For about an hour we just went through most of the takes and decided which ones to keep and which ones to throw out. This was all made very as with Poala working the software swiftly. Mostly we all agreed on the takes but one line! Sahara liked the first half of a line from one take while a liked the second half of the same line on another take.whew!! After listening to both lines at-lest 8 times, Poala mashed both the parts we like. Genius! and we all loved it. It added an extra touch to our play which I loved.

After that, everything was left to poala. I had no doubt that she would do an amazing job at it. As for the sound effects, most main ones we had added to our drive and hopefully that would make jobs easier for Poala.  A

The following week Poala sent us the WeTransfer link to our WhatsApp group. After listening to it, I could not control my emotions. I was so happy with the end product that immediately messaged on our WhatsApp group. I do not think we has discussed putting an echo effect on Richard’s voice but I quite liked that. Even thought at some places you could not hear as the echo was too much. I expressed my concern to Paola and she fixed it right away. Another thing I loved about the final edit was the Fox screeching sound effect as it was a flashback and you could feel that it was. The sound effect was distant but still made its presence known to the listener. The never ending beep during some high pressure scene added so much character to the scene. In the end,  I was very happy with out final edit.

All in all, I am very happy after having done this module. As a Television Production student, we have always concentrated more on the visual aspect of out productions but I never realised how much of a difference can sound in itself make. I learned so many new things from this module and I can proudly say that it has helped me broaden my skills on so many levels.;)


STUDIO WEEK (06/03/21 – 12/03/21) 

This week on Tuesday I was recording some sounds for Poala to use for the main edit and adding it on our google drive. And was quite nervous for our upcoming recording day.


While talking to Jeremy the previous friday, I had an idea which i thougth would be very useful. I asked my team members and then Jeremy, if having a quick run through of main recording day be useful? I thought if sahara has the oppurtunity to give some advice to the actors and also the sctors could have a run at Zencastr there would less commotion on friday. And everyone quite liked the idea so went ahead and emailed both of our actors. They both were very prompt and replied very quickly and we decided to have a session with the actors on thursday. While conatcting the actors, I also emailed them about some specific intructions which were given to me by Jeremy for the actors to prepare for the final day.

Thursday went ahead smoothly, Sahara gave the some actors some pointers and Poala had them give Zencastr a go which turned out to be very useful. Wev explained to them indetail about what was going to happen the next day. During the call Yumeng was told that he owuld have to note all the good and bad takes in mind and make document. In the call he said yes but i had a feeling that he was not very sure about this job so after the call with the actors, I send him quick message saying if he wanted my help he could always just message. He immediately messaged me back saying that he was a little confused. I told him not to worry and set up a video call with him and just expalined what all he neeeds to do paperwork wise and also showed him some examples. I hope that call was helpful for him.

I was very happy that this idea worked out really well.

Then finally came the day we were all waiting for. I was qiute confident about how things were going to go, but was just a little nervous. Not as much as Poala was tho:). On the day I was on blackboard and listening while the magic was happening on Zencastr. Poala was trying to get everyone’s mic to work and after a couple failed tries, everyone was on and good to go. After a coupld of takes I checked the time just to make sure that we are not running out of time but it was quite the opposite. Not only we finished early but had a full hour to spare! Half way through Poala was a little concerned if things were actually getting recorded so she send me some files on whatsapp to check and when I heard the recordings, I thought some lines here and there were missinga and I had a mini panic attack and when I told Poala she really freaked out ;(. She asked me to double check on the google drive and when i check on google driv, everything was there. Thank god!!! I told poala as she was already very worried and I felt really bad that I made her feel so worried. But he was already apologising to everyone when I wa the one who freaked her out . I apologised to her but was happy that we had everything anfd we could confidently move forward. As we has some time to spare I asked if we could do scene 2 again but as the actors has just done the whole script in one ago my team members thought that that would be enough and I agreed. So I think our recording session was sucess and all my team members were very happy;).

After the recording Poala sent us the whole recording to review. Our actors were great and i thought the whole things sounded amazing and could not wait to start working on the end piece.

PRE PRODUCTION WEEKS 7-8 (26/02/21 – 05/03/21)

This week, we really did not have much to do. Jeremy sent us some options for our actors and My team and I had a meeting to discuss which actors we preferred for what role. We listened to thier tapes , both for drama and commercial to give us a better idea of what we wanted. They both sounded really good and now we had to decide which actor should play which character. After having talking about it with my group we all decided that Danny would play Richard and Josh would play Theo. we were very happy with our choice.

Like mentioned before I contacted the actors to give them a headup and indroduce our self to them. They both replied prompty and were very cordial.

In addition to this, Poala attended another group’s recodring session and told us that they had a hard time getting everything in order and Zencastr was acting up etc. That really freaked me out as I did not want that to happen to our group. But hopfully after the session with the actors it would all be sorted.

 PRE-PRODUCTION WEEKS 1-6 (22/01/21 – 25/02/21) 

I was really looking forward to my Audio production module as I had not done anything like this before. We started with talking about diffrent types of sounds that play a part in making an audio drama.For example: Acoustic, silence, tone, voices, characters, a change in scene, sound effects, descriptive language, dialogue and music.

After taht we were told to download BBC sounds and listen to “The Parallax”. This was my first time listening to an audio drama and I was amazed at how much could be achieved with just sounds.

Later we were told record our own audio piece.This activity really gave me an insight about making an audio drama and was a very good start for the module.


The next week we read multiple scripts and poems in class. I read parts for a lot of scripts. Among all the scripts I liked “The book of gavin”  and “Chicken and Ketchup” and luckily I was put in a group to make “Chicken and Ketchup”. Chicken and Ketchup is written by Eva Wakeford and is about a man who killed a child many years back. The story excited me so much and I loved the plot. My teammates for this project were Sahara, Poala and Yumeng. They seemed as excited as I were and I can not wait to work with them.

I was given the role of Producer. My job was to oraginse everything for our production. To communicate with actors and make the team work smoothly together.

We were tols that we are going to using a software called Zencastr. I had not heard of it before and was a little nervous about using it. But later on we were given a go at it, so Sahara and I read the script out while Poala was recoding the session. This exercise really helpes work through Zencastr more and made me feel very confortable.Although it was just a quick unrehearsed run through of a scene in the script, it was really nice to hear part of the script coming together with sound effects. And I’m really looking forward to recording the professional actors.

The Following week I was added to a google drive in order to upload out sound effects onto it. I also created out WhatsApp group to communicate better with my group. In order to oraganise things a little more, I created a list of all sound effects needed from every scene and send the document to my group. I also divided the sound effects among all of us so we could all look for sound effects and upload it on to the drive.

My group and I have had several meetings together, in which we have discussed the sort of ideas that we had in mind for casting, and also some additional lines that we could add into the script. Poala came up with the idea to add in “you’re so selfish!” to a line in scene 1, which adds to why Richard is angry at Theo. Sahara also thought that we could add in the line “Chicken and Ketchup, Chicken and Ketchup”, also in scene 1, on repeat before Richard throws a piece of chicken at Theo, which acts like a bit of a taunt. Together, we had a zoom meeting with the writer of the script, Eva Wakeford, who really liked our suggestions! She made the changes and then emailed the updated script to her. It was really nice to generate ideas with the writer of the audio drama, and it was really interesting to hear her original plans and where she got the idea from. She said she is looking forward to hearing our work, and would like us to let her know how we’re getting on. We’re planning to have another chat with her soon.

For the next coupls of weeks, I thought of updating Eva about out progress. My group is very supportive and also very dedicated to the project(which I love). I feel so good working with these people and I know that I could learn something from them along our journey to make Chicken and Ketchup.

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