Trying to condense over 50 years of music history into 2 minutes is a challenge…but I gave it a go with: The Story of Indie. The video illustrates the voices of Radio 1’s Jacob Rickard and Radio X’s John Kennedy who discuss their take on independent music and how it developed from an ethos of the early days into a synonymous guitar sound. Plus there’s a little insight into what they’re hoping for the future of the genre… Intrigued? Watch below!

Duration: 2’09

IN: “There’s something very primal…”

OUT: “…writing music as we speak…(music)”

Although all the interviews and most of the footage were recorded and shot by me, here’s are a few people to thank and credit for the use of their work also:

1’01-1’09: All images of album covers taken from their Wikipedia page.

1’18: D, Novakovic. (2010) Postcard Records Anniversary Special, So Tough! So Cute! Blog. Available from:

1’34: The Smiths. (2014) This Charming Man (Official Music Video), YouTube. Available from:

1’38: BobIstheOwl (2012) The Smiths How Soon Is Now Top Of The Pops, 14th February 1985, YouTube.   Available from:

1’46: Oasis (2008) Live Forever Official Video, YouTube. Available from:

1’48: BRITs (2014) Arctic Monkeys win MasterCard Album of the Year, YouTube. Available from:

1’52: InmostJoy(2017) Brett Anderson From Suede On The Cover of Select, April 1993, Reddit. Available from:


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