Blog 1 – 02/02/2018


Today we were organised into groups, then as a group we decided what audio drama we wanted to produce along with our group name which we chose, Fantastic 4 +1.


Below is the list of who is in Fantastic 4 +1 and their role.



Stephanie Kamale   –        Script Editor

Zineb Sekkat –                   Production Coordinator

Matt Toulson –                  Producer

Bernice Goff-Collings –     Studio Manager

Lucy Lavery –                      Director


As the script editor, I ensured that the script was originally printed out and given manually or every member of the team had a physical copy as well as access to the copy online so that they could all read through it, to check if there is any changes that we wish to make. I ensured that it was clear to all members of the group that they read through the script, highlighted anything that needs amending by the next week that we meet up.  It was crucial that we’d meet every week for regular updates and progress.




Blog 2 – 09/02/2018


This was my group and I second meet up since being put into the team. I ensured I read through the script to know what worked and what could work better. My team also came with suggestions which they believed would also work better. After this discussion, my group and I came to the conclusion that we wish to add/change just two elements of the script.

  1. The dialogue. – we aimed to make the slang used within the script more adjusted to our audience and dialogue that our audience would tend to use more. This would ensure that they would be able to understand the terms we are using.
  2. Add the concept of Annie being brought in for questioning at a police station and that she would be telling the story. For this to be done we aimed to add two extra scenes, one at the beginning and another in the middle of the story so that we would be able to fulfil this.


I evaluated the suggestions that they noted and highlighted, and I personally noted them down ready to be discussed with the script writer, Peter. This meeting was helpful as we came to a clear conclusion on how we wanted the story to go and I also knew how to adjust the script to fit what we wanted. During the close to this meeting, I used the notes gathered from this meeting on what we wish to have changed and emailed Peter right away for a time that best suited him to discuss our changes/amendments. From this Friday onwards, I was in constant communication with Peter regarding the script, ensuring we both allocated times to speak regarding the script that suited both out schedule. Ensuring that he was clear as to what our aims were and if it was possible to be done.

Blog 3 – 16/02/2018


Today we had a session I the recording studio which I found super helpful! It was my first time in the studio which also made it incredibly more exciting! although my role doesn’t entail me recording on the day of recording our audio drama, it was great to still learn and understand how the audio drama is recorded, the process of the recording and being able to input ideas and strategies on how the recording process should be carried out. We were able to decide which microphones we would be using for each scene and liaised that according to the script and scenes.  Due to editing the script and working closely with Peter and understanding his vision along with the team’s vision of the script, it made it easier when deciding which microphones to use for different scenes.


Following my last email with Peter last week, asking that we would have a phone conversation in regard to the changes of the script. Peter and I had a phone conversation this week, on Wednesday 14th February 2018. I assured him that we loved the story and that we just wanted the two main changes to be done to the script. He loved the concept of adding the police scenes as he saw it as a further development of the story and he agreed that the dialogue should be changed and amended to suit out audience. Following this conversation, I sent Peter the version of the annotated script of the notes and highlights that I had taken down when we met as a group and decided what we wanted changed. He had then informed me that he had received the annotated script and assured me that he would get back in contact with me the following week with the updated version of the script. I had requested for the script to be sent back on Friday 26th February, which would give the team and I enough time to look over the updated script and if there was to be any further amendments to be made then we would have enough time to do so before our recording.






Blog 4 – 23/02/2018


This week there was much progress made with the script! I had been in constant communication with Peter, along with having phone conversations with him ensuring we both were clear on the adjustments that my team and I wanted to make on the script. Peter and I were going back and forth in communication with doing regular checks on the script. He was super helpful and very willing to make any amendments. He was very happy with our suggestion on adding the police scene within the script and changed some of the dialogue that the team highlighted and believed could have changed to make the script better. Peter explained to myself that he was busy and had other education commitments so the changed that wed requested to be made would have been done in some time. (3-4days) he didn’t give an exact time during the day that he would send the script but ended up sending it at 10oclock at night, which at that time I had already gone to bed. However, the following day I contacted back to give the heads up that I had received the final script, uploaded onto the drive so that all members of the team could see it.


I did find at times that the director kept taking over my role which began to make communications with Peter extremely difficult. This was due to maybe being impatient as we were waiting for the script from Peter for a while.



Blog 5 – 02/03/2018


Unfortunately, we were not able to record this week due to the terrible weather conditions.  Which was extremely disappointing as we had prepared to record this week. However, we did receive the final script from Peter for our audio drama. He had sent it to my email, which I then had a read through, notified the team I had received the email and then, which was then available for all on our google drive. Peter asked that I checked the script to ensure that the adjustments made suited what we had wanted for our script and it was absolutely perfect! We were very happy and pleased with the script and ready to record.



Blog 6 – 09/03/2018


The team and I met up again briefly to finalise paper work ready to be handed in. Although the production coordinator was not able to make it to the meeting as it was just Lucy, Bernice and I, we still managed to get as much paper work as we could have done along with any final planning for our recording. Due to the fact that we had changed recording days, the actors also had to change with the actors who were then available to do our audio drama on the set date that we changed for. As the script editor, once the new actors/actresses were confirmed, I then amended the script with the correct names of the new actors/actresses along with their accents that they would be carrying out for the audio drama. I ensured that I checked the new amendments to ensure that there were no mistakes made as we were to print the script out the following day for the actors. After, updating the script and checking the script religiously for any spelling or grammar mistakes, I then ensured that the script was done in the correct format and layout. I ensured and checked that the script followed the same layout as the example that was provided for us on blackboard. After doing the final checks of the script, ensuring there was no grammar mistakes, no spelling mistakes and the layout was correct I then uploaded the final and updated copy on our google drive so that we could individually print out our script for recording on Friday. The director insisted to print the scripts for the actors as she would be meeting them first.


I took on the role to provide the refreshments for the actors/actresses on the day of the recordings. So, a group chat was made with the group that was recording before us, so we’d discuss what we were buying so that we would have a variety of refreshments. I offered to provide, a selection of biscuits, tea mugs, cutlery, tea bags and sugar. I brought this all the day before our recording date, ready to be brought In.



Blog 7 – 16/03/2018


Today was the big day, the recording day for Best Friends Forever! This day started out well as I had printed our prior the script for the audio drama. I met the team a couple hours before our recording time, the recording time schedule was then run through to me by our director which I was pleased with. As I was bringing in the refreshments for the actors/actresses, I used the time before recording to set up the refreshments to ensure once they’d come in they would be able to get comfortable and could help themselves. I also got myself familiar with the area, so I got to find to where the toilets were just in case they needed any assistance I would be able to help. The actors then came in and were greeted, welcomed and we had a run through the script. I was also in charge of taking noted whilst the recording was taking place. For this I created a word document and for each scene I noted down all the retakes, mistakes and best takes that was done for each scene. After the recording session I then uploaded the notes taken to our group shared drive straight way to be accessed when editing. After we had finished with recording with the actors, we then took the opportunity to record the stabling scene, which was done using a cabbage as we felt it would give the appropriate sound effect.


After recording, we packed up and cleaned up all areas that we had used including the kitchen facilities which we used for the refreshments. Ensuring that we left the space clean and clear and ready to use for the next group recording.



Blog 8 – 23/03/2018 – 30/3/2018


I was very pleased with the recording that took place last week and was ready to contribute ideas for the editing stages. Although the director and studio manager said it was their role to edit the audio drama I was happy that at times we were made aware of the progress of what had been going on. Other times when I’d ask I would get any feedback on what any progress has been done or made, the communication lacked a little at this stage with only leaving the opportunity to listen to updated versions and giving opinions of the audio play and not really having a say. However, we heard the intro and outro and was able to give our opinions along with the final version and I must say it sounded great and I was very pleased with it. The final draft was then uploaded and sent by Bernice to Jeremy.  Overall, I would say I had learnt a lot throughout this process. I actually understand the production stages of how an audio drama is actually carried out. I understood the importance of pre-production as that what guarantees a successful production process and post production. Furthermore, I understood the role of a script editor. I first started this project not being so sure to now understanding the importance of the script editor. The script editor is to always stay in constant communication with the director, producer and script writer and ensure the script is produced to the best of its ability to guarantee a great story. The script is the fundamental tool that should be done with precision and accuracy. I enjoyed the process and enjoyed working with Peter in actively getting the script done to the standards that we wanted. With all I have learnt I wish to implement them in future projects.

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