From a fluke first driving test pass to a double-decker London bus. Stephen Bailey drives a London bus. What could possibly go wrong? 

London’s bus network carries six million a day. Meaning London’s buses take a population of Scotland from A to B day in day out. London’s buses serve millions though how often do those being served consider what it takes to be served? Time to step behind the scenes. The Wheels on the London Bus is a radio documentary opening a bus door to a world currently seen by a select few. By that I mean The Wheels on the London Bus will tell the story of the London bus network by speaking to those who run things. 

This clip is a piece of The Wheels on the London Bus. This is a rough cut of a driving scene in which you can hear me, Stephen, getting to grips with driving a double-decker London bus with the help of instructor Dave. Since The Wheels on the London Bus will be a fifteen-minute production when finished this piece will last considerably less time, therefore, for now, I thought it would be nice to leave it a little raw for you to step on board a bus with me as your driver. 

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