Interview with Brian Jarvis:

SLUG: Brian Jarvis interview. (not for on-air)


CUE: A stylophone was a revolutionary novel toy. First invented in 1967, then became a groundbreaking kids accessory which effectively became an influential yet basic musical instrument played by a pen-like stick which in tapped onto small touch-operated pads. Eventually having an impact on artists like David Bowie within his track Space Oddity. Brian Jarvis, now retired living in North West London, invented it. Why did it become so successful? Simple, it’s simplicity, according to Brian himself…


IN: “I think it’s because it’s so simply to play…”



OUT“I could get people to lend me a fiver, five thousand was the problem…”




BACK ANNO: Stylophone inventor Brian Jarvis ending that piece by our correspondence, Stephen Bailey.


Conversation package with Audrey and Linda.

SLUG: Audrey/Linda chat. (not for on-air)


CUE: Amateur radio’s communication channels bring together thousands internationally. Two of which are Linda and Audrey, from Harrow’s Radio Society. These two discuss things, kindly allowing us to listen in. Between Linda and Audrey, who’s husband is called Brian,  initially they’d set out to cover everything amateur radio connected, discovering its power bring people together, however eventually ended up reminiscing. Touching on how growing up was different back in their day. Both agree time’s have changed, for the better.


IN: “I think this is actually something about…”


OUT: “I mean thank God we’re retired.”




BACK ANNO: Close friends, still discovering things about one another. Audrey Jarvis and Linda Casey speaking, produced by Stephen Bailey.

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