Recently there has been a lot of press coverage about how underage gambling is on the rise. This is due to the betting industry using cartoon characters which appeal to under 18s, but also as it is easy to gamble online through your smartphone or tablets. Computer games have also said to be a source of gambling due to the way that you can pay for in-game extras to help enhance the gaming experience.

If you feel that you aren’t in control when it comes to gambling or are concerned about someone who may be gambling below are some charities and organizations which can help.


Gamble Aware

Gordon Moody

Gamblers Anonymous



Why do we gamble underage?

Last year the Gambling Commission released a report on how many children gamble underage. Stuart Armour seeks to find out more information on this.

IN: When you hear this, what do you think of…

OUT: ….Organisations that can help

DUR: 9’25”

BACK: As Stuart said for more information on getting help please check the blog post.


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Contributors were David Hollingsworth from Gordon Moody and a former resident with Gordon Moody who will remain anonymous.

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