Studio Week Blog 3

Recording Day

Before the main recording I contacted all the actors and asked them if they would be available to do script read through practice. All the actors agreed including Stella (script writer) and then I scheduled a zoom meeting with the entire production team. In the absence of the director on the script read through day I took the charge of director’s responsibilities. First round of practice was just a general read through and later Stella (Writer) and I went over each element of the script explaining the scene in detail to the actors.

On the recording day the director and I decided to switch roles. Now I was responsible for directing the play. 

As I had already gone through each scene with the actors the day before, giving acting and sound directions was a bit easy as the actors already knew what we wanted. In the beginning, one of the actors (Letty) was having trouble joining the zencastr but then 

 The actors were really talented and supportive of each other. We also decided to play with Jen’s character asking the actor to use different accents. I really liked her Northern English accent. I thought that suited so well with her character. Josh and Letty played their role well . 

Overall recording day was a refreshing and challenging experience. We had to go through various obstacles during the recording session but that didn’t affect our work. In the beginning I was a bit skeptical about the assessment but with the help of module leaders and my group supporting each other everything came to life. Actors worked really hard – Jen and Letty had to cover their mics with blankets.

  I learned how to work with different sound effects, create characters, select actors based on different voice effects and accents. For me the best part was when I was able to achieve that perfect scene after multiple takes. I thoroughly enjoy my role as a director and producer.


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