Mr Mohinder Singh Mehat came to England from India with only £6, a suitcase and one dream. Two years later, he had a business in Yorkshire which was successful- until one day on the 5th December 1982, a fire destroyed his factory. Rosie Bhullar, his eldest daughter remembers this night- especially Mr Mohinder Singh Mehat as that is the worst day of his life. Even when he was involved in a serious burglary attack- he had no fear as it wasn’t the worse day of his life.


In words: “Hello my….”

Out words: “… much difference”

Duration: 10’04”



In this digital storytelling you hear from Mr Mohinder Singh Mehat who emigrated from India to England for a better future for himself and his family. This piece focuses on his journey to build the succesful business Lilys London limited. We hear about his jobs prior to his investment into his new business and how he earned enough money to be the man he was in the 80s. We build up to the day his factory burnt down. We hear from his eldest daughter Rosie Bhullar, who was 13 years of age and remembers the night- clear as day. After that Mr Mehats life suddenly seems to get worse and worse with him being involved in many natural disasters in his trips to India. And then finally what happened recently his vicious burglary gone wrong. It all leads up to these stories which shape his life.


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