Week 1:-

When it came to the first production meeting, straight away we narrowed it down to 90s Music, in particular the culture of British Pop Music. After we had decided on the genre of the radio station, we went straight to deciding roles for radio station, in which I volunteered on the news side. We also decided to double up on certain roles- so I volunteered to double up with the advert team- Harriet and Denise- who would need help for the turn around of the advert scripts.

This week I worked on advertisement scripts with Harriet and came up with them all and awaiting conformation from the Editor- Gabriel- to ensure we are on the right track so that we can go ahead and get voice overs and actors and see who will fit the adverts. I will also be thinking of how I will structure the news features and have a look on how similar radio stations structure theirs.


Week 2:-

This week for our production week we have all been getting on with our job roles. Me and Harriet re-scripted and recorded some mock advertisements so that we could see what kind of voice overs we should go for. We also discussed and changed advertisements, so they were more appropriate for the demographic audience.

As I am the news editor, I went through Burli again and we had two mock bulletins to do. I first thought of how it would be ordered and what would be included and in what order. I made up the decision of not having sports included in the news bulletin as it is irrelevant to the news and gives more copy stories and features. As it is national news it is whatever is the highlight of the day so will go in that sort of order. I am a team with Stuart, who also does the OB and will help me as much as he can but other people have volunteered to help the process on the day. Next week I will be discussing with the group about maybe pre-recording the news 10 minutes before it goes out instead of relying on getting a studio.


Week 3:-

This week has been very busy for me and Harriet. We produced some more adverts and decided to change certain scripts swell. We had finished all of them nearly and then in a team meeting with some feedback got told we needed to make them a tad better and with more speech instead of sounds.

We had two group meetings over the week and thats when we sorted out everything we needed to do. Instead of having two presenters for the radio show- Riya will be joining me by presenting the news. This week I pre-recorded the news which i wrote and presented myself. Me and Gabriel said it was too stressful for me to be doing it all by myself- so Riya will present the news. 

Over the next week- as it is Pilot week coming up I will be focusing solely on the news and its layout as it is important to get that right.


Week 4:-

On Thursday we had our Pilot Show. As I was with both Ads (as needed to finish some off) and news I had double the jobs to do. Speaking of the ads- I have been calling voice overs all week and just need to produce them. The ads that I have produced and edited myself are Gillette, Head and Shoulders, U2 new album, Aviva and Gibson Guitar. They where the ones appointed to me by Harriet to do. I have finished my adverts this week.

When it came to the news on the day- it didn’t goto plan.I wrote and recorded a feature for the news to give a different voice instead of taking clips from Burli. Riya was our presenter and we had a glitch where we were meant to pre-record our news 10 minutes before but she wasn’t able to do so as she found it difficult to read the script in time. I made the decision to do it live. When it was live it didn’t go well either- we had to cut out the sports news and the weather. When it came to the second news bulletin I decided to do the news and record the news and use Harriet as the re-recorded feature. I re-used some stories but I also changed them. Gabriel wanted me to do a Headline recording which I found difficult the first bulletin but when it came to the last and final bulletin I had made it a bit better. I will be doing the news and presenting the news myself as I have more practice and understanding.


Week 5:-

This week was us getting ready for our show day. The week started with me going in to edit some more adverts ready for the live show and ensuring they were all up to scratch and put them on the google drive. With the news, I started to practise writing copies and packages in my own time to make sure I was ready. I also went in for another pilot session and wrote a 3 minute news, so that I was ready for the live shows.

On the live show day, we got in early and I sat on burli all morning ensuring I wasn’t missing any of the news. I started to find stories and made sure they were relevant for our demographic audience and because we chose national news and sports it wasn’t difficult to sieve through. I pre-recorded the news for each bulletin 7 to 10 minutes beforehand but once done I stayed by burli just in case there was a breaking story that I would have to input into the news bulletin. I feel that for the three news bulletins I did the best to say I wrote them by myself, being a team of 1- with Harriet writing just the feature for me. Stuart did guide me with the news but he also had his job as the OB Presenter so he was busy. Overall- I felt that the news was relevant and a bit repetitive but that was due to no big breaking stories on the day. Overall my performance in general was professional and to the demographic audience.

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