Finance Analyst/ Smith Interview


19/11/2016   Sukmani Bhullar


The EU Referendum has effected many British people’s way of life. There has been a decline in the way people shop due to the worry of the increase in prices in retail. It is coming up the festive time of the year and more people are being careful with how much they should spend this Christmas.

I interviewed Rebecca Smith, who is a Finance Analyst for the company GAP. As GAP is an American Company, necessarily, there isn’t an increase in the price of their retail material as it wouldn’t affect their company as much as Rebecca Smith states in the interview.


In words: ‘my role currently…’

Out words: ‘…but who know what it will lead too’

Duration: 3’ 30’’

Back anno: Sukmani Bhullar talking to Rebecca Smith.


Retail/ Nimweh and Eloise

As it is nearing the Christmas holidays, there is always pressure for retail workers to work Boxing Day. In the news earlier this month, there was a petition for retail stores not to open on Boxing Day. I spoke to two retail employees, who were lucky enough to get this year’s Boxing Day off, and to have a nice, long break. In the interview one of the employees talk about how she worked last year and never wanted to experience that pressure again.


In words: ‘the best time of the year, is obviously Christmas…’

Out words: ‘…Turkey sandwiches, yes’

Duration: 2’ 30’’

Back anno: Nimweh and Eloise having a conversation about Christmas and working Boxing Day.

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