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What research you undertook into the job market for your work experience 

At the end of my first year on the course, I joined an organisation called Masterpiece UK. My role in the team is a Social Media Assistant. This role includes producing and curating content for social platforms such as Instagram and posting blogs on our website. I have also done many blog interviews and instagram live interviews during 2020. During my time at Masterpiece, I have definitely grown in confidence in my interviewing skills and craftship. I have learnt how to email people effectively and how to optimise social media. This has helped me also understand how to use social media effectively, as I started a YouTube channel at the beginning of my second year of the course. From starting a YouTube channel I practiced video editing and speaking in front of a camera which really helped me in my role at Masterpiece as I was able to produce content for their website and social media. I also had the confidence to be in front of the camera and understand how to use one.

Research for gaining a commission for Individual Audio Project

My audio project was about my personal journey growing up as a black women in London. I delivered this through a podcast-documentary style piece, where I spoke with my sister about both of our exeriences. I also interviewed my mum to hear her experience coming to England by herself in her mid 20s, in the late 90s. For inspiration I listened to multiple podcasts to see what style I wanted my own to follow. I listened to the receipts podcast, from which I decided I wanted the conversations with my sister to feel warm and conversational rather than interview based. I also wanted my piece to by aimed at young adults, not confined to the black community but for everyone to listen and take something valuable away from it. Whether it’s learning something new or relating to our story and realising that you are not alone. For my commision I reached out to as their platform that shares stories of people from diverse background aged under 25. I felt that this was a fitting commision to gain, which I did after having a meeting with the co-founder of the platform.

Blog Post 2

What you learned from your work placement

During my time at Masterpiece I have learnt a lot about what it takes to start a platform. As I am part of the social media team, I have learnt about reaching out to people to inteview, how to conduct and plan an interview.  I have also started a podcast, as I started one for Masterpiece, which I plan and produce. With this experience, it has given me the opportunity to work on my editing skills and learn first hand what makes a good podcast and what does not make a good podcast, it has definitely challenged my technical skills. Which I have worked on improving. I have also learnt the importance of being organised and prepping ahead of time for live interviews and pre-recorded content! I have also learned how to optimise social media by using hashtags and joining in trends, and what it takes to go viral with a new trend as we did a couple times last year.

What you learned from working with an external commissioner for Individual Audio Project

When we had to source a commision for our audio projects I was initially nervous because I was not sure where to begin because of the style of my piece. After eventually gaining a commision, I can say that I have learnt the importance of networking and keeping in touch after exchanging details. I have also learnt the importance in believing in your piece, when I first reached out to I was really nervous that they would not like it but they were really impressed with the concept I had put together. So when working on getting future comissions and working with company’s I will be more confident in my work and reach out to more people earlier.

Blog Post 3

Where you hope to go next, what sort of career you are aiming for, drawing on your work experience and Individual Audio Project

Upon completing my degree I hope to continue working in the radio industry, but also in the digital media industry. I do not want to confine myself to fm radio but from the experience I have gained over the past couple of years in digital content I would love to still be doing that after I graduate. I would love to have my own podcast, something that I can produce and curate myself and distribute it on every platform. I would also utilise my YouTube channel to further promote my podcast. I want to rebrand my social media and career to show more of my personality and creative potential, therefore I will be restarting my YouTube channel as I believe it is a key step for rebranding.

From my work experience I have definitely found my passion for interviewing, when I first started I was really nervous and unconfident when it came to talking to people ona live interview but now I thoroughly enjoy it. I love meeting new people, asking them interesting questions and having meaningful conversations. I hope to be able to do many interviews in my career.

From the audio project I really enjoyed recording with my sister and having conversations about important topics which we hadn’t ever had prior to the project. So I would love to work on projects that have ‘difficult’ conversations but having them progressively, in terms of making change and actively doing things to make these changes. To be able to use my platform and career to make a progressive change in society would be amazing.

I would also love to gain international experience in radio, to learn how other countries such as America and Canada and France, presenting and producing their radio content. My post graduate plan was to spend some time in France on placement, however due to the current pandemic I undertsand that this will not be possible this year. However, I do still hope to have the opportunity for this at some point in my career, maybe in three – five years time.

One international show I enjoy is the Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM, which is based in New York. It is a radio show that has gained much global attention for their interviews that they have done that often go viral and the topics they cover every morning. I would love to work on a show similar to that abroad and hopefully start something of the sort in the UK.

I also have an interest in DJing, I am aware that clubs and events are currently not taking place but I believe that this is the perfect time to work on that skill whilst I am at home. Many online events have taken place via instagram live and zoom. Therefore, I will work on it once I have graduated and post my mixes on online platform such as soundcloud and YouTube to generate a following and also hear some feedback from the listeners.

FIVE practical steps which you will follow to help you on the next phase, post-graduation.

1.  Build my Social Media: I have seen the power of social media when it comes to pursuing a creative career. Thefore when I finish this degree I will work on utilising Instagram specifically to grow a following and share my creativity. I will do this through posting more on my feed and utitlising reels, which is an instagram feature very similar to tiktok. By following trends and taking part in challenges related to my brand/niche on instagram, tiktok and YouTube, I will be able to grow a following. It will also be a great way to show my personality through my page so potential employers can see who I am when they come across my page.

2. Utilise LinkedIn: I have a LinkedIn account that I haven’t used or taken advantage of. LinkedIn is a great platform to find opportunities, make connections and learn new skills, so I will be investing into my account by purchasing premium which allows you to have more helpful features such as where you rank when you apply for a job etc. By building my LinkedIn profile, employers will be able to see my experience and education easily on my page which will lead them to consider me for a role. And I will be able to see what I did right in a job application and what I didn’t do right.

3. Increase my network: As I have not been able to network as much as I would of liked to last year due to the lockdown and events being cancelled, I will need to work on building a solid network of connections not only in the Radio industry but also in the creative industry in general.  I am aiming to build a variety of connections as there are many things I wish to tap into during my career. To do this I will be seeking online events as this is the new reality, attending zoom events or tuning into instagram lives and asking questions or requesting to join it, would be a great way to build my network.

4. Increase my skillset: I need to develop more skills, for example; learn how to DJ, as I want to be able to work in that sector aswell as brush up on my interviewing skills some more so that I can produce effective and interesting interviews. I have done intagram interviews but I will need to brush up on face to face interviews. So once the pandemic is over I will be able to do so. Whilst we are having to stay at home I will utilise this time to work on my editing skills even further by producign audio and visual content and trying out various editing softwares. I will produce content for YouTube and Soundcloud, interviewing people via platforms such as zoom.

5. Decide what my brand is: I realise that there are many things I have mentioned that I would love to do throughout my career therfore it is important for me to have a specific brand so that I can obtain opportunities that are right for me, create relative content and build an interative following that are actually interested in me and my brand. Rather than being all over the place I would love for my work to be identified as my work without saying who it is by. So I will brainstorm what my interests are, what I actually want to do and what I want to be known for then I will be able to create my brand. This will then help me with step 1, as when builiding my social media I will need my brand to come across clearly to everyone that views my profile.

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