For the first couple of weeks we mainly learned about the different talk shows, we analysed and looked through shows each week from different radio shows/stations including James’O’ Brien on LBC, Eddie Mair, Women’s Hour, 1XTRA Stories to give us a better understanding about the different types of output. As well as this, David bought in some industry guests to give us their impute.

We were then split into three groups and started drafting short 15 minute shows to build up our confidence for when we started producing the real thing. Around week 5 we started properly planning our show, looking ahead to stories that would be relevant for when we go on air in April. We found that marvel were bringing a new avengers film out and that Game of Thrones would also be bringing out a new series that week of our show. Our target audience was very young so these topics would fit really nicely for a late talk show on a Tuesday at 9PM which was part of the spec.

My role was OB producer which involved setting up the tideline for the OB presenter and making sure they were happy with their script. I also wrote the script for the OB presenter and wrote their in and out lines around the packages they introduced. I also produced the University package for our show.

We did try to get a guest to talk to us about the Brixton riots however unfortunately, no one was willing to be interviewed about it as it is quite a sensitive topic understandably. We did get a few replies to emails/and phone calls that i made but i think that was my biggest flaw. I think if i was to do this project again, i would’ve just allowed myself a bit more time to try and book a good guest for the live OB as that would’ve just added another element to the OB.

However instead of the interview i did manage to clip up an Archive interview with someone who was heavily involved in the Brixton riots and had lost their mum because of it so this certainly helped the OB. Overall though i feel my group worked pretty well together, we were very organised most of the time throughout, even though there were some disagreements with people wanting to do other topics we still worked well with the stuff we had so overall  was very happy with this project. The final OB itself also went very smoothly. Myself and the OB presenter. Kenya worked well and there was overall a really good level of communication between us and the guys back in the studio.

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