Week 1 – When we were each deciding which role we wanted to play within the talk radio live show, we all spoke about our strengths and weaknesses within each of the roles and why we were suited to the one we wanted to play. I decided I wanted to be the OB (outside broadcast) producer, which involved creating and developing the ideas for the pilot OB and the live OB, as well as producing both OB’s and mixing them live using the tieline. I was partnered with Jason Kundi on the OB, he was picked to play the role of OB presenter. Each person was assigned the role they felt they were best for.

Week 2- Myself and Jason worked on coming up with creative ideas for both the pilot OB and the live OB. We began formulating a main idea for the live OB, pushing the pilot OB aside temporarily. The main idea we came up with was to cover an event on the day of our OB, we would go to the event and cover it from inside the event, interviewing stalls and attendees of the event.

Week 3 – Myself and Jason worked on the live OB idea, deciding on covering the London Coffee Festival at the Old Truman Brewery in Brick Lane, London. We emailed the coffee festivals press email to request press passes for the trade day of the event. We also emailed Kahalia Cafe in Brick Lane, which was our pilot idea, the idea was to interview the coffee shop during the lead up to the London Coffee Festival.

Week 4 – This week was the pilot show week, during this week we received our press passes for the London Coffee Festival, although we unfortunately could not do our pilot show at Kahalia Cafe due to it being busy over the Easter period for the cafe. Instead we did our pilot OB at Canning Town, London., during the DLR strikes. Myself and Jason prepared the content for the pilot OB, during the OB, Jason presented the content whilst I produced the OB using the tieline. The OB was a success overall, with few technical problems hindering the process.

Week 5 – This week was the live show week, during this week we worked hard as a group to produce all the content needed for the 30 minute live talk radio show. Myself and Jason travelled to the Old Truman Brewery in Brick Lane and did the live OB inside the festival. We had prepared a large amount of content for the live OB but unfortunately a large amount of it had to be cut due to the fact the tieline died due to it not being charged before being given to us, this technical problem lead to us having to move to an area with a plug socket, which meant we were away from most of the activity in the festival, leading to a lack of content, as what we cut were the interviews with stalls and attendees which we had planned to do if the battery had been charged. I believe myself and Jason still worked hard despite the lack of content. The rest of the live show went very well and albeit some areas lacking in content, I believe the show was a success. We all worked well as a team in terms of communication, fairness, and workload, although sometimes the work was not spread out evenly, which was unfortunate, but other than that I believe everything went well overall and I am pleased with how the show turned out, especially the sound and flow of the show.

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