Thursday 12th March 2018 

Assessment Week of live show

When the group arrived at 9am, I got to work confirming all items of the show with Rhys (co-editor), as we had decided in the week to change a few items around. This was due to the fact our brief was London based, and during the week there had been lots of coverage on the youth stabbings. So we made the editorial decision to drop the Madeleine McCann story and add in a main feature about the rise in Knife crime.

I then technical produced a pre-rec interview at 10am, with two of our live guests. This was for our disco section of the show, where we had two guests, debating about the Royal family/ wedding and what the family brings to the public. After the pre-rec, I wanted to make sure ‘our as live’ caller, would have no problems picking up the phone. So I sat down with Josie and we tested the line, which was all good and ready for 3pm.

I then contacted our marathon runner, for 3:25pm, just to check she was all good for the interview. After that I put all the finalised imaging into Myraid, that Kaylee had created, and helped make changes with the packages. As well as uploading all necessary audio to Myriad, ready for the show.

After finalising the questions and two way section, we sent off our OB team to the church in pimlico at about 1:30pm, this would give them enough time to set up the tieline and ready for the OB broadcast at 3:20pm. I made sure the running order was completed by this point, and made sure that everybody had a copy.

Before the show myself and Rhys sat in a studio and had a quick run through, with imaging, beds and the script. Just so that he felt comfortable and ready for the live show.

I personally feel the live show at 3PM, went as well as possible as… I made sure I stuck to my job as in studio tech op and didn’t interfere with the producer. It was important for me to listen to the producer, keep clear communication with the presenter and made sure the technical side was all good. I think because of this the show environment was calm and relaxed, which resulted in our team having a successful show.

Within our group show I booked our marathon runner. Rhys booked the two royal guests, and the knife crime guest. Then Kaylee also booked our OB location / the interviewee. Josie arranged the ‘as live’ phone in caller.


Thursday 29th March 2018 

Pilot week

This week was finally a chance to see if our hard work and preparation payed off, as the majority of the group arrived early to finish off the last few pieces for our 3pm ‘as live’ pilot show.

I firstly made contact with Izzy and sent her over a few loose questions that Rhys would ask her in the interview, just to make sure she was good to go.  I then finished off a cue for Rhys to read about the upcoming London Marathon and made sure the rest of the team had their cues and audio ready. We also discussed the logistics of the OB as, its something that should have been sorted out fully in the previous week. So that was collectivity a whole group mistake, but  I feel we dealt with it well as made it work in the end.

As I was tech op as well as co-editor , I made sure I had every piece of imaging, package and music bed into Myriad way before 3pm, as this gave me enough time to practice the levels and logistics with Rhys. I felt confident that we had achieved the brief in production, as we made sure we had a clear running order with duration and time lengths. As well as this throughout the pilot Kaylee had good communication with Rhys and we made the decision to drop one of the packages as, the show over ran. Not only that but we dealt well with some tech issues like tieline and the phones, and the show still ran smoothly.

One element of the brief that we failed to meet was the ‘set up caller’ but, this was due to a member of the team not finding a caller in time. Which was a shame, but I feel they understand they must do more to find us the caller as, It is a vital part of the brief. But overall I was pleased with the effort from the group as, we had some great speakers and some well produced packages.

Thursday 22nd March 2018 

This week we sat down fully as a team a decided on what roles to take on, here is what we agreed.

Holly: Tech op and Co-editor

Rhys: Presenter and Co-editor

Kaylee: Producer, Package and Imaging Producer

Harriet: Package producer and OB presenter

Megan: OB producer and Assistant

Josie: Programme Assistant


We also discussed what key topics and London based stories we would cover, in order to make our 30 min programme as fun and entertaining as possible. Here are a few items that we would include in the programme:

The Royal family – upcoming wedding and discuss how relevant the family are (2 live studio guests / disco)

Madeleine Mccann – Should the extra funding continue / what about other missing children (1 studio guest interview)

University Strikes – What can be done to keep teaching relevant for students (package and interview included)

London Marathon – First time runner and what they are doing to train (1 Live studio guest)

Porn laws – How the Government are doing more to protect young children online  (package and interview included)

London House prices – Why are house prices in London continuing to rise (package or live interview)

Non religious Britain – A new sat shows 70% of young people are non religious ( OB interview from a church)


I set about using Twitter to find a caller on the London Marathon and through a work contact I found a runner. Isabel Minter would be running the marathon for Diabetes UK this year, and was willing to chat with Rhys live over the phone!

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