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My role within this production was presenter and co-editor. In the initial planning stage of our programme, myself and Holly agreed jointly to take on the editor role together. We worked with the rest of our group to establish what we wanted our show to sound like, what features it would have and more.


These are the stories I sourced and booked for the pilot week:


  • How Important are our royal family?

With the royal wedding just around the corner and a lot of talk at the moment about the important of our royal family. I thought it would be a good idea to do a disco discussion around this question. Therefore, I got in touch with a royal commentator and republican to get them apart of this discussion.


  • More money being put into the Madeleine McCann Case

As it was announced during the week that more money was going to be put into finding Madeline McCann, it seemed a good idea for us to do a short interview with an ex met police officer about how much more money should we be funding to this case. This guest was booked by me.


Prior to going into the studio, myself and Holly rehearsed to figure out cues etc, when doing this, I did need to alter the scripting to make it flow better and work for me as a presenter.


After the whole pilot, the group was very pleased with the overall broadcast of the show. It went smoothly and everything went to plan apart from the phone in section of the show. The production team worked well in the few tech problems we had at the start with getting the other caller on for the disco, however the listener wouldn’t have noticed at all as we eventually got him on. We took away a few things that we should change for next time. One thing in particular was that the republican in the Royal family section, caught we out slightly as I didn’t have the name of the source for my figures, which is something I definitely needed for the actual show.


The Live Show


A few days prior to the live show, myself and Holly made the decision that with the recent rise in Knife crime it seemed logical for us to be covering this story. Therefore, we would drop the Madeline McCann story. I set out to find an appropriate guest for this, I contacted Neil Woods (Ex-Undercover police officer who spent time in some of the most violent gangs). Neil was very willing to take part in the interview.


Myself and Holly also decided to adjust the timings on quite a few segments on the show to ensure were keeping the pace of the show going.


On the day of the live show, we got in at 9am as we had a pre-recorded with the two commentators for the royal segment of the show. It was vital that I had all my figures and facts right for this part as I wanted to be back to back up my figures with the contributors. After this interview, I went away to edit the interview down to around 4mins.


After this, myself and Holly went into the studio to rehearse whilst the OB team were on their way to the OB location and as Kaylee was editing features. The rehearsing allowed us to see what needed to be changed in the scripts, jingle and other aspects.


In terms of how the show went, I was very pleased by the overall efforts of the show. It was un-stressful, smooth and slick, we all worked together to ensure everything ran to how it should have done. Very pleased with the overall efforts of the team and show.



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