This digital storytelling contains sensitive content that are not recommended for people under 18.

Cue: Unfortunately, breast cancer is very present in our lives today and many people are fighting against it.

As a result, many medical tattooists like Nikki Butler are working in order to improve women’s situation (single mastectomy, double mastectomy or lumpectomy), specializing in the reconstruction of areolas and 3D nipples. Advanced techniques and prescription pigments are used to create the perfect color to make them look as natural as possible and match the same symmetry both breasts.  This kind of work is recommended by health professionals, patients and surgeons who support this form of reconstruction. I interview Lorraine Tindale, who is a psychologist and is the keen on the idea of tattooing because it can improve women’s body image and believes that areola and nipple tattooing could be beneficial for client’s well-being.

In this digital storytelling, Nikki introduced me to one of her patients named Susie Webster, who told me about her experience before and after her surgery. Three years ago, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had always been a very positive woman and she tried to keep her positive attitude with the support of her family, her psychologist and her consultant. The last recommended her to go for the reconstruction of areola and 3D nipple tattooing. Additionally, this decision made her feel much better aesthetically and mentally speaking. As Susie says in this digital storytelling: ‘The result was unbelievable’.

In most of the cases, women can find different options to get a final solution after their cancer treatment. Nikki and her client Susie recommend women (who suffers this kind of disease) to opt for tattooing because it is faster than the surgery and less pain free too as Susie tell in this story, who was able to find her solution after her surgery deciding to tattoo her areola and nipple, which proved to be an excellent remedy.

In: ‘As soon as I got the diagnosis…’

Out: ‘Someone that hasn’t actually ill at all…’

Duration: 09’04’’

You can watch my digital storytelling here:

Short synopsis: Nowadays, tattooing is the best cosmetic solution for many women after their breast cancer treatment. The final appearance of areola and nipple tattooing is unbelievable. This treatment not only improves women’s body image, but also, their psychological well-being.

Intended station: BBC Radio 2


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