The Book Fairies

CUE: Are you ready to believe in the Book Fairies? Bethany Glover is on a mission to find one of these mysterious fairies around her hometown, Burnham. On her journey, she bumps into the Book Fairy in Chief to find out what the initiative is all about. So, what is a book fairy?

IN WORDS: “Have you ever heard of the book fairies?”

OUT WORDS: (Will you believe in the book fairies?


BACK ANNO: For more information on the book fairies go to:

DESCRIPTION: The Book fairies are people who leave books in random places for others to find, read and then pass on again. I delve into the world of being a book fairy by interviewing the creator of the Book fairies (Cordelia), someone who has found a book (Kirsten) and a book fairy herself (Carolyn). I also got the chance to go on a book fairy drop and experience what it’s like to see someone take a book that you’ve secretly dropped. I believe this kind of feature would be best on BBC Radio 2 due to the nature of the topic.

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