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London, London, London. What do you think of when you hear that place being mentioned? Is it the London Eye, Trafalgar Square, The Underground? Let me tell you, people who live here or decide to study here, think of London very differently. They think of it as somewhere that is living hell on earth when it comes to commuting and a back breaker when it comes to surviving. Prices of everything keep increasing, while income remains the same and student loans do too, with landlords becoming greedier and companies are out to make the most of student vulnerability.

How are we meant to survive in the Capital City of London? Should we live here or should we not? In this feature I am going to find out how London has changed and what advice can be given for making living in the 6th most expensive city in the world that little bit more affordable, where for example an average pint of beer is 82p more expensive than an average pint making you fork out on average almost £4 for your favourite beverage. Is it worth it? Make up your own mind.




Is London too expensive? It’s been named the 6th most expensive city in the world and prices for everything from food, to a pint at your local, are more pricey than those out of London.

Our Reporter Kate Czylok spoke to Zoe Arnold a Premier Banker for Barclays, for some advice for surviving in these times as a student and how you can budget and control your finances. Kate also spoke to some students from The University Of Westminster about why they think London is so expensive and finally she spoke to Tasha who has lived in Harrow London for 40 years, about how London prices have changed and about how the younger generation can afford to survive in the future. Let me hand you over to Kate.


Back Announcement. That was Tasha telling Kate what we can do to survive living in London. I hope you gained an insight to living in a city and got some advice about doing it too. The choice is now yours, do you live in a city where everything in convenient or will you be a cost cutter and live further afield. So what do you think? Tweet @BBCR1 with your opinion or head to our website for  for more information relating to the issues raised.


Below you can find websites which provide help and advice about what was covered in my package.


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