Production week 25/26 October

This week we discussed what type of show we were going to produce. After a long discussion we eventually settled on creating a 50s/60s Rock ‘n’ roll show for Gold. We settled on this as it was the genre that the majority of us felt would enjoy to do as we enjoyed the music so would be able to come up with a good playlist and sound like we enjoyed the music we were playing.

After choosing the genre we started to choose the roles we wanted to do whilst producing the show. I decided that I wanted a presenting role and a news role, and settled for news writer and OB presenter.

We then started to come up with a name for a show which we quickly decided would be “The Diner” as we thought it would complement the music we would be playing and would also give us a lot of creative room for how we would brand the station.

As Ozzy, who was in charge of branding and creating idents for the show, wasn’t in on this day I decided that it would be a good idea to source a few sound effects that he could use for idents as well as a news jingle.


Production Week 09/11 November

In this week we started to discuss features for the show and decided to do a feature relating to movies and the songs used in them. We called it the drive in movie quiz, which entailed guessing what movies the songs came from. I also suggested that we should give away a prize in this feature and said that we should give away a Chevvy as it fitted with the shows branding.

We also decided on doing a feature for Aretha Franklyn as she had passed recently and thought it would be appropriate as a lot of Rock ‘n’ Roll music is inspired by soul.

I also helped Prof in creating the logo.


Production Week 15/16 November

During this week Harri had found an artist, Marky Dawson, to play for our OB. She gave me some background on him so that I could research him further and write some questions for the interview segment with him.

We also practiced the OB by getting Charity to perform some songs on her Ukulele. This helped us get a sense for how the actual OB would work and get used to using the tech. Unfortunately, the studio was unable to hear the OB which meant that we had to use a Tie line instead. This wasn’t ideal as it was harder to control the levels so didn’t end up sounding as good as it could have.

After this Chloe made a list of things that was wrong with the OB studio so that changes could be made ahead of the first pilot.


Production Week 22/23 November

On this day we decided that the Aretha Franklyn feature, which entailed playing three tracks in a row by Aretha, wasn’t really appropriate for the show that we wanted to make as it wasn’t really Rock ’n’ Roll enough especially as it was being played within the first few minutes of the show. Instead we decided that we would get the presenter, Claire, to try some of the strange foods that Elvis would eat which would then followed by an Elvis song.

The next day we recorded the first pilot for the show. As I was writing the news I made sure that as soon as I got in I started looking for stories to go in the first hour bulletin. Once I had finished the first one I kept an eye on news websites and started writing the second bulletin just before the show started so that I could keep the news relevant without putting too much pressure on myself. Unfortunately, Charity who was planned to be reading the news was unwell so Ozzy decided that he could read the news as he didn’t have much to do on the day of broadcast. I made sure to read through each bulletin with him to avoid any mistakes being read out on air. I aimed to finish the second hour bulletin at least 15 minutes before the start of the second hour so that I had plenty of time to get myself into the OB studio and help with organising it.

For this pilot we hadn’t got any artists to perform so instead decided that we would use a CD player as the music to play and that I would chat to Alex for a few minutes as the interview segment.

The feedback that we received was very positive. However, we were told that the show would require a third news bulletin at the end of the show, we needed to namecheck the station more and mention the socials more.


Production Week 29/30 November

In the second pilot we made sure to act on the feedback that we had been given from the first pilot. In my news bulletin I made sure to write at the top of the script “From Global’s newsroom” as this would help to namecheck the station. I also wrote a third bulletin for the end of the show which I tried to make sure that I finished just after the beginning of the second hour so that I was able to get myself into the OB room as soon as possible. Ozzy also had to read the news again this week so, again, I made sure to read each news bulletin with him so that he could iron out any mistakes before he read it on air.

Whilst writing the second bulletin I made sure to go to the OB room to meet the guest who would be performing for us and let him know that I would be interviewing him as well as having a quick chat with him so that I could ask him some more specific questions.

After I’d written all of the bulletins I went over to the OB room and stayed in there for the rest of the broadcast.

The feedback from this pilot gave us a lot more to work on as we decided that we should change the structure of the OB as having a long interview section before the actual live performance felt that it was taking too long to get to the performance.

On the day of the actual broadcast Charity was able to do the news read so I made sure to go over the bulletin with her as well as show her how Burli worked.

I managed to finish the third bulletin before the second hour so that I was able to spend more time in the OB room. I thought that this would be beneficial so that I could get to know Marky a bit better.

After our feedback from yesterday’s pilot we decided that we would split the OB into small talking sections followed by a song one of which would be chosen and introduced by Marky, after this we would get into the live performance.

Overall I was pleased with the show that we produced and was proud of the contributions I made to it.

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