The Guide to Queuing

Cue: The British are well known for queuing and on many nights out in the capital I have found myself queuing for longer to get into the club then I have actually stayed. With 337 night clubs and over 2000 bars across London, I set out to find out what the queuing experience is really like on a night out. To get to the bottom of this I interviewed three different people that have different relationships with the queuing process.

I’m words: “the British are known…”
Out words: “ …as you can”

Duration: 7:54

This digital story was inspired by the part of a night out that can be the longest and also looked over, the queue. After finding myself queuing ridiculous lengths on a night out I decided to speak to three contributors about the etiquette of the queue from their perspective and their role in relationship to the organisation of the queue. The target audience is young adults 18-30 and anyone with a interest in the nightlife of London this piece would also be suitable for a feature on Radio 1 as they have a similar target audience. `

Alongside my narration there are three main contributors that form this piece; Thomas, club owner and event manager for a event called Bootylicious in Vauxhall, Thomas was a key contributor as he explains how the type of event and door policy can effect the queue. Another contributor was Carena, a bouncer and security staff for a handful of venues across London / Birmingham, going into detail about how the queue effects her job and her previous experiences of dealing with the queue. My final contributor was Marc Osgood an EDM fanatic and avid club goer and as a result of this has spent much of his time queuing around the world to get into various venues. After telling us about his experiences, Marc ends the digital story by telling us his top tips on how to survive the queue and what is essential to make sure your night runs smoothly.

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