Cue: Now let’s find out about a role within the industry which isn’t really talked about so much, Radio pluggers! Let’s find out more about what they do…

In: “Pretty much every track…”

Out: “Would love to say”

This documentary Is all about the life of radio pluggers within the industry, what exactly they do within their job, how they get an artist exposure and some of the techniques they might use in getting them out there. We look at some of the history of radio pluggers, where they originally came from – We also get given a really great insight into this by Bob Hermon who’s been in the industry for well over 30 years now. Not only that, but we have an interesting take on plugging from a record labels perspective by Will Puxley who works for Island records. He plugs to all the regional stations across the uk and looks after some huge artists including Ariana Grande, Drake, Post Malone etc but Is also a key player in pushing through those up and coming artists such as Dermot Kennedy, Sigrid who he mentions who’s currently on his rooster.

Furthermore, we look at the process Mark Hoskin from Renegade promo goes through in a key campaign. One that we’ll see within this documentary is an artist called Freya Ridings who’s already had huge success with her track “Lost without you” which could well be on it’s way to Christmas number 1. We follow him on his campaign with this project over the past couple of months to see exactly what he does to promote this track and see the progress it’s had since it was aired on Love island to where it is now in December! We finally also have some interesting insights/ stories from our pluggers including a great story by Bob Hermon of when he was lucky enough to meet and drive Michael Jackson to an interview back in the 80’s.



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