Notes for on air Delivery:

CUE: Ever wondered what it’s like to have to DJ to a large audience of people? Speak on the mic and play all the right songs your aunties, uncles, Nan, grandad, your old mates at school and everyone else in between would want to hear? Let’s listen to the life of a wedding DJ and find out what it really sounds like to have to play a wedding…

In: Clip Sequence –  Whitney Houston “I Wanna Dance with Somebody”

Out: “To Putting on a great night”

Back anno: If  you want to find out more about what it takes to be a wedding DJ and to look at some of the great wedding’s James and Nina Hughes have done, you can check out Piano DJ at and go and have a look at some of the videos yourself…

Pitch (This was sent to both James and Nina)

Hi both,

For my uni project this semester we’ve got to make an audio project about anything we want. my idea was to do a straight audio doc about music at weddings and the types of things that go into making a great musician/DJ at a wedding party.

We have to have a “Commissioner” to approve it but it doesn’t have to get used or featured as such, it’s just for the sake of the project in this case.

But I was wondering, would you both be happy for me to use you guys as my commissioner. I was Thinking I could feature Piano DJ and talk about the sax players, DJ’s and pianists who make the weddings great.

I could also do an interview with either one of you to talk about the business, why you set it up? how the idea came about, sharing some of your experiences as musicians at weddings etc. Things like this!

Would that be okay? You could also use my audio piece about Piano DJ if you wanted to at the end of it…

Let me know if you have any questions 🙂


My audio project is in the style of Radio 4/Heart FM and was commissioned by Piano DJ. (Screenshot of email in document)

DJ’ing is something so many of us want to get into nowadays, for some it’s a full-time career that can expand into big things and that’s where you get superstar DJ’s such as Calvin Harris or Avicii. Then you have more local Club DJ’s who will play across the uk and beyond but aren’t quite as well known. And then you have wedding DJ’s who play a variety of music to couples who have just got married. In this piece we shall be diving into the highs and lows of a wedding DJ, looking exactly into what the life of a wedding DJ is like and of course following a live wedding to give us a really good idea of what can be expected for people who have never even been to a wedding where there’s a live DJ before.

Tweet: If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to work at a wedding as a DJ well now is your chance to find out as @Callum1315 looks into what it’s really like having to DJ to such a large audience with @PianoDJ

Music report for the life of a wedding DJ:

Title: Whitney Houston
Track: ‘I Wanna Dance with Somebody’
Composer(s)/Artist(s): Shannon Rubicam
Label: Rival Official. Sony Music
Publisher(s): George Merrill
Link to content online:

Title: The Spice Girls
Track: ‘Wannabe’
Composer(s)/Artist(s): Adrian Bushby
Label: Virgin EMI
Publisher(s): Unknown
Link to content online:

Title: S Club 7
Track: ‘Reach’
Composer(s)/Artist(s): Cathy Dennis
Label: Polydor Records
Publisher(s): Unknown
Link to content online:

Title: Los Del Rio
Track: ‘Macarena’
Composer(s)/Artist(s): Rafael Ruiz Perdigones
Label: RCA Records
Publisher(s): Sony/ATV music publishing
Link to content online:

Title: Steps
Track: ‘5,6,7,8’
Composer(s)/Artist(s): Barry Upton
Label: Sony music
Publisher(s): Sony music entertainment
Link to content online:



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