CUE: The United Kingdom has fallen victim to five horrific and violent terror attacks this year. These attacks killed 35 people and injured over 700 people. The attacks this year took place in highly populated areas such as the Manchester Arena and London Bridge, meaning that they were witnessed by several hundred people. Although these witnesses  may not have been injured physically, the mental damage of what they saw that day can have a long lasting effect on their every day live. This programme tells the story of three terror attack witnesses and how they coped with their aftermath of the attack.

In: “You lot get undercover now…”

Out: “with any trepidation, with any axiety.”

Dur: 10’00”

Within this piece, we hear from two witnesses of terror attacks this year. Rebecca Knox, 52, from Dorset witnessed the Westminster attack. I found out that Rebecca witnessed these attacks through a family friend and after contacting her she was happy to speak to me about what she saw that day. Louisa, 19 from Manchester, was witness to the Manchester Arena attack. I reached out to Louisa and she was willing to chat about her ordeal that day for the first time.

After hearing from two witnesses of attacks this year and how they dealt with their immediate aftermath, I wanted to go back 12 years to a witness of the 7/7 bombings to hear how they dealt with their immediate aftermath and then how it now affects them 12 years on from the attack. This was a difficult to find a 7/7 witness who was willing to talk about this day, however through the Twitter I was able to find someone and travel to them in North London to interview Steve Jackson.

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