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Playing a musical instrument is one of the most beneficial things for your brain. From a young age, children are pushed towards learning an instrument because of all the benefits it will bring. From reducing stress to even enlarging your brain. 

Then why is it that after so long we give up on it. A study from 2014 found that the older we get the more we struggle to find time to keep playing. By the age of 25, 37% of the people asked say that they no longer play their instruments. 

A lot of them cited reasons like; being busy with school or work, not being able to play once they’d left school but most of all just losing interest or feeling intimidated by some of the music or techniques that they had to learn.

This gave me the idea to get together a bunch of musicians and see how well they could still play their childhood instruments, in the hope of eventually getting them all to play together for a special performance.

  (Statistics from a 2014 report



This section will be comprised of auditions of the individual musicians. They will start with a quick chat with the musician about why they stopped playing and how long they’ve been playing for before going into them performing. This will be montaged together.



With the candidates found and the stage set it was time for the performance. With this being the first time some of these musicians had picked up their instruments in years, nerves were high. But now it’s time for them to perform. 


The Performance

The performance will comprise of the songs that the participants feel comfortable playing as it will depend on their skill levels. After the performance I will interview the participants about what it was like to take their instrument up again and whether they would recommend getting back into it




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