Therapy Dogs: The Unknown Solution


CUE:One in four people will be affected by issues surrounding their mental health at least once in their lifetime. A way to combat these feelings is through the use of therapy dogs in animal assisted therapy, but unfortunately this type of therapy isn’t as widely known. Paola Massimo talks to therapists Nicola Edwards and Harriet Wichtowski along with the director of Doggy De-Stress, Rob Harris and policewoman PC Beverly about the benefits of using animal assisted therapy and the positive impact that they have on people.


IN: “People naturally…”

OUT: “… than you know”

DUR: 9″32

SHORT SYNOPSIS: Many people are unaware of the amazing work that therapy dogs can do to help people in the form of Animal Assisted Therapy. This documentary will look at the benefits of using dogs for therapy, and how they’ve helped people.




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