Role: Social Media, Website & Studio Assistant Producer

Production Week 6 (Final Show)

On the day of the final show, the studio producer returned and it was important for me to handover the show and bring her up to date on the changes. As assistant studio producer I knew that I would be on hand, but knew from previous experience how vital it was for the handover to take place.

We finalised the clocks once again and make a small adjustment to the running order and printed all show copies for production and the presenting teams.

We kicked the show off at exactly 11am with the news headlines. The show was driven by Curtis Young (Presenter) and the news was presented by Beth Moss. All junctions were hit and social media plugs were placed at times that were most appropriate times to best engage the audience with the show.

We hit an issue as a tea half way through the show where our live music moment act dropped out, but we were able to remove any trace of social plugs for the artist and replace it with fresh content. Once the live performance act had been re-confirmed, we were able to throw forward, which we did on-air and online.

Overall the show went well but feel that we could have improved on the content that was posted online. i.e. throwing forward to events outside of the show and had some exclusive online material.

Production Week 5

In the run up to the final show, we took on board the feedback from both Matthew and Tom and set out to improve the two hour slot. Firstly, I worked with the music team to re-arrange music in order for it to fit better with the content, i.e. top of the hours and male/female split etc. Once this had been set and final adverts, trails and competition promotions had been signed off with specific timings, I was able to confirm the final running order with back timings.

At this stage I felt a lot happier with the production and was ready to finalise the scripts for the presenters. I included social plugs, throws to the OB, talking into hits such as ad breaks and news.

I then suggested that we pre-record a section of the show and make a package out of the Spirit Drive element. This included back announcing a track, a bit of personality and introduction into the message of the day that had be captured on location. I suggested this because this element of the show was particularly important and I wanted to ensure that the right tone and message was delivered to the audience, leaving us with time to re-record if necessary.


Production Week 4

During the forth production week, I took time to sit down to post pre-tweets, facebook posts and planned when to best engage with the audience throughout the show. I found suitable photos and pictures to suit each post.

This was the week of the pilot, and as acting Studio Producer, I ensured that the team had all they needed to fulfil the show. I printed a copy of the script for each presenter, had running orders available and worked with Samantha Friend who was standing in for me on Socials.

During the show I used my back timing schedule to hit certain junctions including ad breaks, link times and news. We hit each junction pretty much on time, but needed to work on the content for presenters as they did not have enough information on certain topics, including music notes.


Production Week 3

At this point in the process I was made aware that the Studio Producer (Lucy Lavery) would be away on the week running up to the pilot, during the pilot and the week running up to the live broadcast. James Larvin (Editor) decided that because I had been working with the presenters closely, that it would be the best decision for me to produce the pilot and setup the broadcast for outputting by Lucy Lavery on the live show.

Running Order, Script writing & Producing
During the regular meeting this week, I took time to sit down with the presenters and went through in detail the basic clock that had been produced. At this stage I decided to design a running order, which included specific timings of features, tracks, advert breaks, news headline hits and other promos and jingles etc.

Running Order
Running Order – Blessed 2016 (available in full on Google Drive)

This first draft of the running order allowed me to sit down and write the scrips for the presenters with basic information, so that when we ran the ‘Pre-Pilot’ I could make notes to ensure that scripts included all the relevant information and that running times worked well.

See scripts on Google Drive

Production Week 2

During the weekly meeting, we sat down and approved the logo, design and colour scheme for the Blessed website and social media channels. I proposed that we use Facebook, Twitter, Facebook Live & Periscope. I created the accounts and applied the theme, logo and details to the pages:

Facebook Header for Blessed 2016 – @PremierBlessed
Twitter @PremierBlessed (No longer active)

During this week I also arranged time with each presenter (and duo) to take photos of them for the websie and socials. I used a blank background so that I could easily cut out the image in order to apply a transparent background so that it was easy to apply to a solid colour on the website.

I then setup the website so that we could post details of the programme, presenter bio’s and the latest news, running up to the live show. This would enable us to throw to the website to read more if the listener wanted to find out more about a specific.

I registered the domain name and uploaded the website using an File Transfer Protocol and customised web builder – See below for screenshots of the website:


Top of



Bottom of


Production Week 1

Once we had decided on which roles we were going to undertake for our Music Radio module, I began thinking about the design and feel of the brand. My initial thoughts were “oh my goodness, i know nothing about Gospel – it’s going to be a challenge!” but when I sat down and and listened to stations with similar target audiences, I was quite excited to get stuck in. After a few days of research I was able to build a vivid image in my head. I created the logo and put together suitable colours that would fit the audience.

Blessed Logo
Final Logo for Blessed 2016


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