Week 1

For the first week of audio production we were put into our groups. Originally i didnt want to be studio manager, i wanted production coordinator. However, because very few people went for studio manager and no one wanted to do it, i decided to go for it as Jeremy was going to start to pick people.
After moving roles i was placed in a group with Lama and Jasmine. This was a good group however we were lacking a lot of people. As most groups had 5 or 6 people in and we had 3. I spoke to Matthew and Jeremy asking them what to do as there would of been too much work for 3 people. And especially since most of them don’t do radio. However once we came back from a break i got told that Ellie would be joining the group.
I felt sorry for her as i get the feeling that she wanted to stay in her group since she picked it. But i did thank her a lot for it. I became more confident about this project because i knew that she is very capable of doing anything and i have worked with her before so we both knew how we worked.

Week 2

This week we started our pre-production for the drama. We met up on the monday to go through the script and to work out what we need to do. We also discuss the casting as we planned on using the same cast as the group before. While the group decided on this, I sat down and went through the script and started to make a rough running order. I decided to this because since we were the last recording, i didnt want the actors hanging about longer then needed. This is what i used back at college when i came to me recording videos and i needed actors.

We also had our studio practise on Friday which i felt that went well. Having had a play about with it i understood how it works. I had to leave early due to a meeting so our director Lama had a good with it. It makes sense because if i am unable to make it for whatever reason, she knows what to do. However we did come across a few issues which made us a bit worried for our recording. But I’m sure we’ll be fine with it.

Week 3

This week we started off again with another meeting which we broke down the script and sorting out if we need to change anything in the script. There were a few scenes we wanted to change because they either didnt fit in or some of the wording used didnt work. We also thought about adding a scene in to make it flow better. I person am not too sure about it but we’ll see how it plans out in the edit.

Week 4

This week i spent going over the script once again to see what effect were needed. I know a few others have done it as well, but sometimes it good to have more people doing it instead of just one as we can miss some stuff. Me and Ellie met briefly to have a chat of how it’s going. We’re stressed about it because we feel that since we’re the radio students, Lama and Jasmin are some what relying on us to get it done in some way which we dont mind but we didnt want to do that and not get any credit for it.

Week 5

This week was mainly focused on finding the characters as we were still trying to get someone to play big dave. This is causing some stress in the group as we are happy to cast someone but Jeremy wants to deal with it which is stressful. I also started to gather some sound effects we could use for the drama which could be changed while editing.
Overall at the moment i personally dont think i can do much as im the studio manager and im editing it.

Week 6

This week was the week we recorded our drama. Which i was looking forward to. We had a meeting before just to make sure everything was fine before the day which it was. On the day of recording i was really relaxed while everyone else seemed a bit stressed. Ellie was sat at the back taking notes of which takes worked. This will be helpful when it comes to editing it.

While recording we had a few issues with the mics. This was out of our hands however, we managed to redo the takes and it worked perfectly. I dont think anything major came up while we did it so i am very happy.

Week 7

This week i started to edit the drama which i was looking forward to. The main issues i had with it was not pausing between actors. This is because some of the takes are meant to be phone calls. So for me to edit it is very challenging. However it is possible to do it. I started it on the Friday however lama wasn’t able to come in. So i had to crack on with it.


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