Week 1

For our first week, we sat down as a group and had a go over most of what we’ve already learnt. We were then put into pairs to come up with a news story of our own choosing. I was paired up with Callum who has a shared interest in football. We decided to do it on the story about AFC Bournemouth’s striker Callum Wilson who was in the news that day.

As we went through it I found out that I could say certain words because of the spelling and how they are pronounced. So, Callum helped me overcome them by making me say the word three times and over and over until it got stuck in my head.

Week 2

This week we were put into our groups. I was placed in group B with Callum, Mark, James, Ellie, Samantha and Beth. After sitting down with the group, I was very happy with the people I’m with. Mainly because we’ve all got alone outside of class and we all know each person strong point.

As we started to pick roles for ourselves I wasn’t too sure about being the editor. This is because I’ve never held that role before and it would be interesting to do, however I don’t think I can deal with the pressure of it.

During this week’s lesson, we had a small go at working in a group and sorting out some stories. I hinted at being the editor however I wanted to have a go today and see how it when. After getting a few things sorted I was still unsure about going for it. I wouldn’t mind being the desk operator as that’s something I can deal with very well.

Week 3

This week we had a talk with Dave McMullan who taught us about the production values that go into a talk radio show. Although I’m not a big fan of BBC Radio 4, I still found it interesting to hear what goes into the show.

Week 4

Last week we spent more of the time sitting and listening, so we were given the day to practices our talk radio skills. I decided that I would try and see how it goes being in charge. Honestly, I don’t think I would be suitable for it because I can really deal with that form of pressure nor can I keep control of how the group works.

After this week, I’ve decided I want to be the desk operator for the group, mainly because I can deal with how to use it and if anything goes wrong whether that’s the OB or link or whatever it is I’m sure I can deal with it

Week 5

This week was a very heavy information based week as it focused on law. I didn’t mind it because it is information which we can use not only in talk radio, but radio in general. It was interesting to get an insight into how different words that we might use be mistake can be taking the wrong way.

Week 6

We finally decided on our roles within the group. Thankfully I got to be desk operator which I wanted to do. This is because I more confident in doing it than anything else. Although a few other people wanted to do it, we decided it would be better for me to do it and the others focus on different roles.

We also were shown how to use the tieline. This is something that I have never used before because I didn’t need to know. So, I found it interesting to do. After being shown how to use it we practise it with Callum who will be our OB presenter and Beth our main presenter. After doing it we felt a bit more confident as a group about the show and what we have to do.

Week 7

This week we mainly focused on the essay questions, as David wasn’t in. Matthew when through all the different questions and ways in which we can improve our essays. This was very helpful for me because I have been struggling with marks with in essays.

We also pitched our ideas for the show and we decided who will doing which one. The one I have been given is the juice detox in which I must do a juice detox and document how it affects me. James and Callum will be helping me with this.

Week 8

This week we were given the chance to do an OB a lot further then the University grounds. After the events, yesterday it was decided we do an OB by Westminster. Since Callum were off Mark became our presenter. While him and James when to Westminster myself and the girls started to come up with stories related to the OB. After sorting out the stories we then did a small 15-minute show.

There were a few hiccups just before we started however we managed to get them sorted, even if it was me getting people to get their parts done. Overall this week when well. After the show, we sat down and talked about the pilot show and we noticed we didn’t have much time left. Thus, I must do the detox this weekend as it will be the only free time we should do it.

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