Programme description: Tubeless London by Stephen Bailey explores why South East London has a lack of London Underground lines within eight minutes. This digital story investigates why parts of London are without tubes, and what impact this has. Within this Stephen covers the proposals for the Bakerloo Line extension, to see what impact this would have on Lewisham in South East London.

With comments from:
– Claudette Forbes of Lewisham Council.
– Richard Freeston-Clough of the London Travelwatch.
– Christian Wolmar, a transport historian.
– and Janet Daby MP of Lewisham East.

This programme was presented, researched, voiced then produced by Stephen Bailey. In a BBC Radio 4 style of presentation. Original footage comes from Stephen Bailey alongside content from Independent Television News, Google Images, Transport for London, Chiba Visuals YouTube Channel, the British Library and Jason Hawkes Arial Photography YouTube Channel.


Whether new twenty-first century proposals, news of engineering works, industrial disputes or strikes, high-speed upgrades, driverless movements, transport always finds itself on mainstream news agendas. Nevertheless whilst some transport stories pop up in every news programme, this week The World at One’s shining a light on lesser known, untold travel stories. On day one of these special reports, we’re traveling through Greater London experience’ing a life without tubes.

IN: “(archive footage from an old London Underground interview recorded by Independent Television News) today here at Farringdon Station…”

OUT: “…down the line”

OUT WORDS: Stephen Bailey reporting, for more on everything tubeless London related search for ‘a tubeless London’. To watch a visualized version, head to BBC Radio 4’s Facebook page. Tomorrow on The World at One, Stephen heads to a rural East Dorset village to discover what a lack of reliable bus connections does to a rural community.

DUR: 8’35.


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