Geneva Leal (Audio Drama)

Production Week 1  |  Forming the Production group and assigning roles

The first week was focused on finalising group members based on their role that they wish to pursue in the whole production process. They were five designated roles to choose from, which was to become a Producer, Director, Script editor, studio manager and production co-ordinator.

Personally, as a digital media and communication student I was keen on being a production co-ordinator. This means that my main responsibilities include, planning a schedule of pre-production tasks ahead of time, booking room, studios and ensuring that the confirmed actors to play for our script are weekly contacted to update them throughout the post-production process.

My team consist of five members, three final year radio students and two DMC (including me) and here are our roles in the team:

Producer – Beth Moss

Director – Iona Hammond

Studio Manager – Dan Freeman

Script Editor – Yeliz Sonat

Production Co-ordinator – Geneva Leal

As a group, we combined the first letter of our names to call ourselves Team D.I.G.B.Y. Then, we created a Whatsapp group chat for us to stay in contact throughout the whole production process since it is easier to get hold of everyone. We also had been given a great opportunity to do Lucy & I (our first choice) for producing audio drama.

Finally, our director has set up a homework task to do over the weekend, which was to read over the Lily & I play script in order to fully grasp the plot of the story and critically analyse it based on our own interpretations.  I have emailed Jeremy about the team name and who’s doing which production role as well as mention our recording date. It will be on 2nd March 2018, AM recording.

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Production Week 2  |     Recap on last week & Feedback on Lucy & I script, discussing actors

Second week starts off with discussing with our Producer, Iona, about the Lucy & I play script. Unfortunately, two of our members were not present but we managed to handle the situation well by discussing in depth about the script.

We have exchanged our own interpretations and ideas based on what the plot is about and how the Lucy, Molly, the mother and the young man are seemingly portrayed. I have been informed by our producer that there has been an agreement with the Fantastic 4 + 1 team to scout the recommended actors and actresses to play for the Lucy & I and BFF script. I have also contacted their production co-ordinator on Whatsapp and we are both aware of this agreement.

Then, I emailed Jeremy about the agreement on the casting documents explaining that our team and Fantastic 4 + 1 are content to use the same actors and actresses for the whole day on 2nd March 2018. We updated what we did to the two other members who were absent so they are aware of what we will need to progress our pre-production plans and discuss as a team about the casting actors next week.

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