Week 4: Monday 25 th November 2019

Today is our final week we have 5 days left until our pilot show  air. This week we did a full practice of our show.It ran really smoothly as we were  on schedule . During the show I was in studio 6 supervising Andrea with the fades for the OB performance .  On the day I will be doing the same task and taking call from studio 4.

This week I completed editing my Money Super Market advert. In the advert we are introduced to two characters the narrator who advice Debbie and describes  what money super market can do for you. and a woman named Debbie who energy Bill’s keeps increasing and keeps appearing unexpectedly like a thunderstorm. The storm and energy  represents her fears. The scene transition in utopia as Debbie energy Bill’s have been paid been off and Debbie feels more relaxed.

I also  re-edit the Boots advert as I received feedback last week .There was too much reverb in the original advert. Instead I replaced the echo effect with Music and shopping ambient background .

We had a meeting discussing what we need to do and before the pilot .It was discussed during the meeting that I need to edit the Boots advert as the level was too high . Including editing the feature  for  the that take me back piece

My other additional task for this week is to finish branding  images before this Thursday .


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