Last week was the start of our pilot show. We had everything prepared in time for what we wanted to include in the station and from the pilot show we were learning how to prepare for the first week of the station.this would help us decide on the improvements that needed to be made .

                             Improvement for the first show-Fashion week .


During the week I made subtle changes to branding. I received the feedback that the idents for the 5V5 show sounded too repetitive, as the tail ends had the same sound effects. I made changes by adding in some new SFX. I wanted to also make sure that the new idents were not detached from the other idents used in the Y2K chatz and Time Machine podcast. I included some robotic and mechanical sounds to represent the futuristic theme of Y2K.


The feedback we received for the podcast was that we needed a better structure, as some of the segments such as the interview were too lengthy. However, we needed to add 10 minutes to our show as our podcast had been extended to 30 minutes on the schedule. To improve

Our podcast,  Paola and I decided we were going to add a segment where we gather vox pox from the public through voice notes. The segment of the show was called what Y2K means to me? Where the public decides what y2k item or artifact is iconic to them. Poala and I then create a conversation based on the publics’ item for the week. This works as we have engaged the audience to participate.

We also structure the opening segment of the show by creating a menu and discussing what is coming up on the show so that the audience is aware also future explains what each segment is, who Janine is, and also mentions where to find us.

                             Preparation for the second show- Entertainment week.

During the week of our pilot show we were asked to make some further improvements for the podcast .To build the show structure further. We were asked to make sure  we make the scripting of the podcast sounds a little bit more conversational and that it flowed, be specific with station social media platform announcement; by  making it clear where the audience can follow . This would encourage the audience to get involved.This week I will  be recording segments of the podcast and collecting vox pox. I am also creating more idents for entertainment week.My plan is to include some recognisable sounds relating to gaming and film/tv, which will represent the week of entertainment. I am also in production for the website promotion package which will be roughly 2 minutes long.


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