I have developed my idea and decided to make a club night through the point of view of a cleaner in a club. The first part (the audio attached) is the cleaner arriving at work to go to the club. They are in a cab which is where the conversation comes from.

I originally was going to create a straight club simulation which would have been a walk through, exploring rooms and using various effects to make different rooms have their own identity/personality with a unique sound palette for each but I have added a narrative as it will be easier to explore the club through a characters point of view with aspects of narration to anchor the piece and keep the content interesting throughout the duration.

By next week I plan on having at least 13 minutes of edited audio. Over the next few weeks I will be developing the project further exploring effects and adding a range of voices to develop the narrative and create a diverse soundscape. I aim to have a range of voices and tones to create a diverse soundscape and still keep the original idea of exploring rooms in a club which have their own identity. I aim to create a textured piece using layers of sound.


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