The Do’s and Don’t of a Backpacker

Description- My Digital Storytelling piece is about the Do’s and Don’ts’ of a backpacker. The audience that I want this feature to be aimed towards is a young demographic of 15-30, as this age group is most likely thinking about taking a gap year. I decided to choose this topic because when I went traveling for 2 months this year I came across obstacles that I wasn’t warned about beforehand. So, I thought to create this feature about that, and to advice upcoming backpackers what to do and what not to do when they are away. I will be outlining the main tips that the interviewees say and recapping them at the end of the feature, so the audience knows exactly what to make note of a keep an eye out for when they are on there travels.


Cue- Travelling is one of the most popular things that today’s youth are into. Visiting new countries, seeing new sights, trying new foods and trying to live out of a backpack. We are all told the key tips before we go to these new countries if that is on a holiday for a week or two or traveling none stop for a year. But what we aren’t told are the little tips that you need to know when your living out there and are trying to make the most out of the little money you have, the 3 t-shirts and two pairs of shorts that just fit into your backpack along with the other essential items you must take with you, so what do we need to know? We go to Billy Hambidge with The Do’s and Don’ts’ of a Backpacker…..


Intro- ‘Hi my names Billy…’

Outro- ‘… the Do’s and Don’ts’ of a Backpacker’

Dur- 9’47’’




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