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Week 1- When coming together to pick which roles that we wanted to do, myself and Minnie decided that together we would like to take on the OB roles (Minnie being the producer and myself being the presenter). I decided to pick this role because I enjoy presenting and I wanted to challenge myself so that’s why I went with OB rather than pushing to be the presenter for the whole thing. We first started practicing together with our team taking the equipment to various locations and practicing different stories in different places. Which was fun and for me a learning experience as the first time we done the OB I was stood outside Wembley reporting on football which I know nothing about. But it was more for rehearsal to make sure mine and Joe’s conversation flowed and to make sure the equipment was working.

Week 2- Me and Minnie came together throughout the week and were discussing what we should do our OB about making sure that the story is relevant and fits in with the show. We found out that it was national pet month, and because we must bring ‘light and shade’ to our show, we thought this story could fit in very well, so we started emailing places to go to. Such as Battersea dog and cat home, RSPCA and various farms, charities and animal welfare organisations. We basically got declined from all of them, so was a little bit stuck but Earyel helped out and got in contact with Spitafield City Farm.

Week 3- Throughout this whole process I wouldn’t say that there was really a plan set out from the start as a team for example who was doing what, what needed to be done by when. So, I was a little bit lost as roles kept changing and stories kept changing to. But after talking to the editor about this as asking for a sheet that had all the roles and deadlines, we were back on track. I also created a Vox Pop for our show about anniversary’s which in the end was used as a filler if we needed it. I got all the recordings for the Vox Pop and edited them together. I was also given the role of finding guests for the ‘Dating in your 40’s’ feature which I done successfully. We also planned on meeting various times in the week to do pilots and run through ideas, so that we had more time as a group. Due to people being absent as a lot of us went to the Radio conference.

Week 4- This was the week of the pilot show, before this me and Minnie sat down together and wrote my script to make sure that it made sense and covered what we wanted to say, as well as writing part of Joe’s script to make sure the OB was a two way as well just a outside broadcast. We went down the Spitafield and set up with the equipment ready for the show. There were a few problems such as studio issues which meant that we started half an hour late, and we couldn’t have our interview guest at the farm. But luckily this was only the pilot.

Week 5- This was the final week and time for our talk radio show. Me and Minnie finalised the scripts before the show and sent them to the editor to read through and check. All was good, so we left early to make sure that we could have had a rehearsal before going on a live and to make sure that we found Jenny who was the women we were interviewing. The show went ahead, and I believe it went well, the interview was good and last minute I had to make up a question as we had time to fill, so I quickly made one up which was a slight panic but I believe it went very well. As a team apart from some small mis-communication issues I believe we came all together and worked well on our show and I am proud of it.

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