Staff Room Chat/Conversation

William Hambidge -17/11/16

Everyone young or old has always wanted to know what their current or ex teachers spoke/speak about. Do they speak about other teachers? Do they talk about us? Two GCSE teachers from Lydiard Park Academy, Linda Stone and Cathy Urquhart have a conversation about a current student and her behaviour and the fast approaching phenomenon of Christmas.

In words- ‘She showed no surprise….’

Out words- ‘it’s so cute I love it.’

Dur: 2’30’’

Back anon: LPA teachers Linda Stone and Cathy Urquhart gossiping in the staff room.


Josephine Wolley: Christmas without her spouse/Interview

William Hambidge -19/11/16

Christmas is one of the biggest holidays that we celebrate in the UK. With everything buzzing around us, the new Christmas ads, what gifts we should buy, writing our Christmas lists, ordering the luxury food and preparing for the funny yet challenging family secret Santa. We forget about the people that suffer the worst and have to spend this joyful occasion alone. We are talking to Josephine Wolley about what she is excited for and the traditions she used to have with her late husband and more. She starts off with how she met her loving husband of 48 years.

In words- ‘Through my brother they were friends together…’

Out words- ‘Animals trust than a Christmas advert more for the spring.’

Dur- 3’03’’

Back anon- Josephine Wolley talking to William Hambidge there. [ If you need some more advice and help about these topics you can go to]

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