There is a clear difference in the way that men and women are perceived in sports, somewhere along the line everything was given the label “boys sport” or “girls sport”. This has been challenged over and over through history, more so now than ever. However there were times when the tables were turned and this did not go down well most often, so now we are not told about those historic moments, despite the fact that they have had a huge impact on the way that we view people in the sporting world and who is able to strive verses who will struggle even if they are incredibly talented solely  because of their gender.

CUE: In the UK there is a real push to try and get more women into sports like rugby and football, but why are we having to try so hard. Particularly with sports that most men, both young and old, can’t get enough of. Our reporter Charity is looking into just what it means to be a sports woman today and 100 years ago.

IN:” Women in sport a topic…. ”

OUT “… men and women in sport”

DUR 3’30”

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