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This week our aim was to show how influential music from the Y2K years to society today 

 Audio Branding 

I had a spare ident that was used for our main ident, which was created a few weeks ago. This ident was used in mostly 5V5. The backing track for the main ident is an early hip- hip hop 2000s beat. I wanted to use this genre of music for my ident as it was the most memorable sound throughout the early 2000s as it was the start of Atlanta hip-hop who used this type of beat. The Y2k team was inspired by the Americanised y2k era. Hip hop was starting to become popular in the 2000s. 

This week I  also created the show slogan ident for this week “ celebrating music week”. I wanted the sounds to be simple, as I didn’t want them to clash with the music that would play throughout the show. I created two idents for celebrating music week. 

One was a drumming SFX- The drumming beat is a simple 8-bits beat. The beat reminded me of punk rock from the y2k years so I decided to use that and it was also a nice contrast from the main ident that would be used this week. 


The other SFX was a Dj scratching I used this simple sound SFX as I didn’t want it to clash with other songs that would be played. However, it is a versatile SFX that fits any genre of music. 



For the podcast this week I gathered two vox pops that were used in the show. We also changed the format for the podcast this week as our interview in the podcast was too long. instead, Poala and I came up with the idea of splitting the interview and have a conversation in between. The conversation in between would tease the listeners of what the win and sin could possibly be. For the podcast, I provided beds that I provided from last week. When looking for Y2K music beds I wanted to find that blend of the Y2k music and music from today. Our aim for the podcast was to state why it is important today and what impact this has had. 



I had help in rewording the articles for this week. From entertainment week, and music week.  


Website promotional  package 

This week Andrea and I wrote the script for the promotional package. In last week’s feedback, we were asked to include everything that is included on the website other than the articles. We made sure that we covered the articles and quizzes used from the previous weeks, the podcast, the 5v5 Spotify playlist link, and the all about our page. I recorded the package and then Lauren helped edit it. My aim for the website package was to sound as cheery as possible and make the website sound interesting in order to sell. 


Top 5 recording 


I had a hand in recording the top 5 this week. This week’s top 5 was the best music video to come out of the Y2K era. I did research into the In the rain music video such as who was the director and what influence this has had on society today. I mentioned that the Music video was and set a trend of Afrofuturism. Afrofuturism is a mixture of black history/ culture and sci-fi used in media. I had seen a couple of articles that expressed how hype Williams and Missy Elliots started a new wave of Afrofuturism in the early 90s. This movement is heavily used today in hip-hop music videos, and artists have stated that they were influenced by Missy Elliot and hype Williams aesthetic. I also mentioned that the robotic timely movements in the music video were memorable fiction themed a movement in literature, music, art, etc., featuring futuristic or science fiction themes which incorporate elements of black history and culture. I had to mention missy Elliot’s outfit, which was the most memorable costume from that music video as it has never been seen before. People today still remember this outfit as celebrities and influencers have dressed up as missy Elliot for Halloween.  I had to summarise what I had researched into a one-minute speech. 


For next week 

There is a lot of improvements that need to be made for the podcast this week. 

  • Create an introductory package for the podcast with different clips
  • Gather vox pops 
  • Do some research for the podcast 
  • Find a new interview and record an interview.
  • Explain why society is important today 
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