This week is the final week of the pop-up station. However, this week we were told to make numerous improvements for our final show. 


Audio Branding.

This week I created the slogan for this week. “Celebrating culture week”. This week’s idea for the ident was difficult to create as the topic of culture is broad. Usually, for other weeks I would create two Idents this week I created one ident. The shows this week were tech orientated, and I wanted to create a sound that would represent tech. I came up with the idea of using AOL dial-up sound SFX, which was used to connect to the internet in the mid-90s and early 2000s. AOL dial-up was one of the pioneering internet connections when it first came out in 1995. I thought this would be an appropriate sound to represent this week’s slogan, as the internet is extremely impactful today. 


This week the 5v5 ident was different. Charlie wanted a different approach. She suggested that I create a show reel of songs that would be in the 5v5 battle. So this I created a show reel to be used for the 5V5 ident. At the end of the ident, I branded it with the main 5v5 ident. 


Top 5.

This week I was meant to be recording the top 5. However, as I had a terrible internet connection and unwell I was unable to. This week for the top 5 I selected Bluetooth. I wrote the script with the help of Charlie. Charlie then recorded the top 5. Bluetooth is impactful as it is commonly used today and is included on all wireless devices. It was the start of 21st-century technology as it began in the year 2000. We had to sum up all of this into a 1-minute speech. 


Website Package.


This week Andrea and I wrote the script for the website package. As this week was the last week of the pop-up station we felt that it was important to include it and all the content that will be up for this week. We were summing up the station for the past 4 weeks. Andrea suggested some ideas to include in the website package and I reworded it. I also added ideas to include in the script. 



The podcast this week needs to be massively improved, which meant changing the format. We interviewed Niamh a Journalist who has done extensive research of the Y2K years. We interviewed her on topics she was interested in feminist rights and environmental impact and what changes have been made into today from the Y2K years. For the interview, we wrote down a set of 10  questions to be used. We also did some research into this week’s podcast with the help of Andrea. Paola and I wrote the script together on what we were going to say. The interview went for an hour ½ and we had to try and cut it down into 10 minutes. I found one Vox pop for this week.  When writing the script we had to Segway each segment from the podcast into each other. Such as vox-pops, Niamh’s and Janine’s interviews. This would help us decide our wins and sins. Our main aim for the podcast was to ensure that we mention how impactful the interview was for this week. 

Although this week was eventful I tried to do as much work as I could. 


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